TLS Chapter 9

Falling in love with rich godfather 9

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Tao Yuan had become extremely popular on the internet. After receiving the award, he exposed his teacher’s misdeeds in an interview. Any student who wanted to continue their studies would not do this, but he did it.

In the interview, Tao Yuan also talked about his failure to get a scholarship. He talked about how every time Xu Shaoyan’s performance in Chinese painting was much higher than his, and his performance in Chinese painting seriously lowered his overall total score. Therefore, he never won a scholarship. He also told the reporters honestly that he felt that his Chinese painting level was no worse than Xu Shaoyan. This time, he won first place in the competition, while Xu Shaoyan only won third place. It was proof.

As a result, various discussions and speculations appeared on the Internet, and Hu Wenshan and Xu Shaoyan were pushed to the cusp of the storm, bearing the brunt of people’s doubts and questions. Tao Yuan didn’t simply tell the story, he also provided all the evidence, so this is already proven and it is impossible for them to deny it.

The leaders of Dongjing University were also in a mess because the interview had a live broadcast, so they couldn’t completely suppress this matter from the netizens, and they needed to find a way to respond positively.

The reputation of Dongjing University was definitely ruined, but the extent of the damage will depend on how they dealt with the matter afterwards. Usually, people who cause public anger will not have good results. The people are still waiting for the University to give an explanation. If the results they make do not satisfy the people, they will face even greater protests.

A teacher bullied a student in this way, and the student was also a genius of Chinese painting and Go. If such a student can be treated in this way, what kind of embarrassing treatment would other students suffer?

In today’s developed society, the unfair treatment of others is not just a matter of others, but a matter of the whole society. If you are indifferent to what others encounter, then you are most likely the next to be oppressed.

The leaders of Dongjing University underwent tremendous pressure because they not only had to face pressure from the people, but also pressure from the Chinese Painting Association and the Go Association. Chess sage Su Yongfu stood up first and severely criticized Hu Wenshan in front of the media, saying that he was not worthy of being a teacher. If Dongjing University did not respond to the public, he would be the first to refuse.

If Tao Yuan is just a student with no ordinary background, then the school leader would expel Hu Wenshan. After dealing with this matter, the next matter will be dealt with calmly.

But after Tao Yuan showed his talent in Chinese painting and Go, not only could they not suppress him, they couldn’t let him be snatched away by other schools.

Moreover, after Wei Shicheng intervened, the leadership of Dongjing University was also in great turmoil. Hu Wenshan’s expulsion was certain. At the same time, he was expelled by the department head of the Chinese Painting Department and many leaders of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The personnel replacement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences quickly settled, and Dongjing University finally made a public response to the matter. After the results of the handling were announced, the school leaders expressed their gratitude to the people for their concern about their university. If similar things happen in the future, he hoped students can actively report them. From school leaders to teachers and students, we all work together to maintain the fairness and justice that the school should have. Let students study in the light, rather than being bullied in the dark.

The public said they were satisfied with the results of this treatment, but they also agreed with the school leaders that they should actively report similar matters in the future. Although there is no clean place in this world, no matter how clean the environment is, there will be a dark side, no one can stop the expansion of the dark side.

Du Yi was taken care of by a nurse in the hospital. Tao Yuan was taken to the office by Wei Shicheng for the night. His office has a large lounge with well-equipped facilities. Not only can you sleep there, you can even cook in it.

Tao Yuan was washing fruits in his apron. Wei Shicheng was always disturbing him. He squeezed here and there, causing his hands washing the fruits to pause intermittently. As for why he wore an apron for washing fruits, it was because of the style of the apron. The apron he wore is not the kind of apron used for cooking.

“Stop making trouble, let me finish washing these strawberries.” This fruit has been washed for a long time. Tao Yuan bent over and pushed it back, trying to push Wei Shicheng away.

“It’s enough for me to eat the strawberries on your body.” Wei Shicheng wrapped his arms around his waist and whispered in his ear.

“It’s not for you, I want to eat it myself.” Tao Yuan blushed and walked to the table with the washed fruit.

Wei Shicheng squinted his eyes, admiring the way Tao Yuan walked.

Tao Yuan originally wanted to sit down, but he didn’t wear anything except an apron, so he stood at the table and started eating strawberries. After Wei Shicheng came and sat down, he sat on his lap.

“I’ll buy you a rabbit costume, there seems to be a kitten costume.” Wei Shicheng held Tao Yuan’s fingers and sucked the juice off his fingers.

“I’ve said it will only be worn once, it hurts.” Tao Yuan bit his finger.

“You wore the apron only once. How about wearing a different color and style?”

“You are an elder. It is really disrespectful to treat the younger generation like this.” Tao Yuan put a strawberry into his mouth.

“That’s why I treat you like this.” Wei Shicheng turned his face and shared the strawberry in his mouth.

A plate of strawberries was eaten by the two. Tao Yuan was brought to the big bed next to him. There were two glass walls beside the bed, and the night scene outside was visible.

“Are you comfortable?” Wei Shicheng asked, pressing against him.

“…Comfortable.” Tao Yuan’s expression was blurred, his cheeks flushed, and his big eyes were full of tears. He was completely lost, as if drunk.

“Do you still want it?”


“What do you want?”

“I want my godfather to love me.”

“How should I love you?”

“…It hurts when you come in.”

“Harder or lighter?”


“Poor baby, how can you not have enough? Godfather will feed you.”


The two people fell asleep until the sky turned bright. Tao Yuan was awakened by the morning sun before he could sleep for long. Turning to see Wei Shicheng’s sleeping face, he suddenly lost his sleepiness.

Approaching this person was to complete the strategy and make him fall in love with himself. In order to cope with him, and to make him feel affection for himself faster, he never refused him in bed. But recently, he has become more and more addicted to it, not only enjoying it very much but also getting great satisfaction both physically and mentally. Perhaps before he knew it, he followed the rule of enjoying if he couldn’t resist.

At the beginning, he didn’t feel that it would be a difficult task to attack this person, because there is the system to help, and in this world, he only needs to deal with a man. But when things developed to this stage, his mood became strange.

Tao Yuan closed his eyes and entered the system, looking at the slightly expanded flower bud, he felt it was time to speed up the progress and let the peach blossom open as soon as possible. He told himself in his heart that he had no selfishness and everything was for the task.

But if there is really no selfishness, why would he think this way?

Tao Yuan slept until noon and woke up again. He hasn’t gone to school for more than half a month. It is time to go to school today. After coming out of the shower, he took out the new clothes from the closet and put on them, he opened the door of the lounge and walked out.

“I went to school.” Tao Yuan picked up the backpack on the sofa and said to Wei Shicheng who was dealing with work.

“Come here.” Wei Shicheng turned the sofa chair and reached for him.

Tao Yuan walked over and stood in front of him.

Wei Shicheng touched his belly and asked, “Are you hungry? Would you like to drink some milk before leaving?”

Tao Yuan’s face turned red immediately, his skin was already white and pink, and his face was even more pink and tender. Every time Wei Shicheng said these things, he blushed especially easily.

“I drank enough last night, how would I be hungry so quickly?” Tao Yuan was already blushing, but he still tried to make a stern face.

Wei Shicheng stood up, hugged him and bowed his head and kissed him. “Come here directly after class, your godfather will feed you milk.”

“I will go to the hospital after class and come back after dinner with Du Yi.” Tao Yuan’s face was even redder.

“Well, who made you not only a godfather, but also a good brother.” Wei Shicheng patted his ass before letting him go.

Wei Shicheng arranged a special car and driver for Tao Yuan, and now he has a car to pick him up wherever he goes.

Tao Yuan looked out of the car window, but his eyes were not focused because he was thinking. There should only be a few who are kept to his level? But no matter how Wei Shicheng spoiled him, being kept was a shameful thing that couldn’t be exposed.

Let’s change this state as soon as possible. It’s time to dissolve the nurturing relationship, but he don’t know if Wei Shicheng will cooperate with him, maybe he prefers their current relationship.

But no matter what, his task must have progress, Tao Yuan closed his eyes and thought, everything is for the task.

Xu Shaoyan walked into the classroom and saw Tao Yuan sitting next to the window again. He gave him a quick glance, then bowed his head and walked to the place where he usually sat.

The last person who walked into the classroom was the new headteacher and Chinese painting teacher of this class. After seeing Tao Yuan, he said, “Student Du Qingyu, you have finally come to class. After class is over, I want to talk to you about some recent Chinese painting exhibitions. It’s about going out and playing.”

“Okay, teacher.” Tao Yuan replied.

Xu Shaoyan was burning with anger in his heart, and he was almost expelled from this school because Tao Yuan also shook him out when he exposed Hu Wenshan. However, he himself did not participate in this matter. He was not expelled under the efforts of his father. But his bad reputation has spread. If he doesn’t find a way to save it, it will be difficult to achieve his most important goal.

Xu Shaoyan’s father is romantic and has many illegitimate children outside, and he is also one of the illegitimate children. When he was young, his father didn’t care about their mother and child, because there were so many illegitimate children that he couldn’t manage it. When Xu Shaoyan grew older, he went to talk to his father personally, saying that he wanted to learn Chinese painting, because the teacher said he had the talent in this area, and hoped his father would pay for him to learn it.

When his father saw him at a young age, he was very planning, maybe there is value in training, so he agreed to pay for him to learn Chinese painting. Xu Shaoyan originally just tried it, but didn’t hold much hope. He didn’t expect that his father really agreed. So in order to seize the opportunity, he desperately studied Chinese painting, and after successfully admitted to Dongjing National Academy, he really got his father’s attention.

After enrolling in school, he and Liu Xiujie became lovers. His father felt that he had the opportunity to marry into the Liu family, and he was even happier and valued him. When he wants his father to help him, as long as he says that this will increase the possibility of him marrying into the Liu family, his father will generally agree to help him.

But he knew very well in his heart that Liu Xiujie liked Du Qingyu, because he couldn’t catch Du Qingyu, so he was with him. He was kind to him on purpose and wanted to show Du Qingyu.

After this incident, the Liu family’s impression of him must have been greatly reduced, so he must find a way to save his face and make Liu Xiujie really fall in love with him as soon as possible.

After class, Tao Yuan went downstairs with the new headteacher, ready to talk to his office. But as soon as he got downstairs, he saw the head of the Go department standing there. There were several teachers in the Go department behind him. Several of them were in a posture. The students passing by the Chinese painting department were all far away. They stopped to watch, thinking about what they are doing.

“Li Zaiqi, what do you want to do?” Li Zaihua, the new head teacher, looked at his twin brother and asked.

“I’m not looking for you, get out of the way.” Li Zaiqi is not polite to his brother at all, because he is so arrogant because he is his own brother.

“You are from the Go department, why did you come to our Chinese Painting Department?” Li Zaihua had actually guessed his purpose.

“I said I’m not looking for you. What are you doing?” Li Zaiqi glanced at his brother impatiently, then walked a few steps, looked at Tao Yuan and said, “Student Du Qingyu, you promised to see me as soon as you arrive at school.”

“So that’s the case.” Tao Yuan didn’t expect that he would bring someone to stop him, why was he so anxious? “I’m going to wait until after class, and then… talk with the teacher, and then I’ll go find you.”

“Then, after you have finished class, let’s talk to my Go department first. Let’s talk about your transfer.”

“Who said that he is going to transfer? Can you not make a decision without our authorization? I’m about to talk to him about participating in the competition.”

“I also want to talk to him after I’ve talked to him about the transfer. What do you care about so much about a game of Go?”

“I am his headteacher, of course I can take care of it. You, the dean of a different department, actually ran over to grab someone. Can you not be so shameless?”

“I want to be shameless.”Li Zaiqi said brashly.

“I’m too lazy to talk to you, let me go.” Li Zaihua knew what virtue his brother was, and didn’t bother to tell him again.

“I refuse. Unless you tell me that you aren’t taking him away, I won’t leave .”


“Both of you!” Tao Yuan watched their quarrel endlessly and didn’t know when it would end. He had to go to the hospital to see Du Yi. He had no time to spend with them, so he raised his voice to stop them from arguing. “Tell me, I’m going to the hospital to see my brother.”

Seeing Tao Yuan anxious to leave, the two immediately reached a consensus and talked at the same time.

The students of the Chinese Painting Department watched this magical scene and immediately spread it across the school. It was really unheard of that the head of the Go Department brought the teacher to the Chinese Painting Department to fight for another person.

Then someone asked who was being poached. When they heard Du Qingyu’s name, they understood.


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