FPL Chapter 35

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The soaring fire illuminated half of the dark night sky.

There were noises all around, sirens, crying, and roars, all mixed into one, and the head of the person who was rushing was aching.

When Bai Nianjin rushed back, his house had been buried by the fire. He went crazy, and there were bloodstains on his clothes. After getting out of the car, someone walked over and said something to him. He heard what these people said, but he could not understand a word.

“Where is he.” Bai Nianjin said, “Where is he?”

“I’m looking for—” He finally understood what the person was saying intermittently. Bai Nianjin heard him say, “But judging from the camera…it seems that it didn’t come out.”

Bai Nianjin said, “Not out?”

The man was so frightened by Bai Nianjin’s face, he stammered, “No, he didn’t come out.”

The fire shining on Bai Nianjin’s face, illuminating his pale face, he said lightly: “I need to go in and find him.”

The man was horrified when he heard the words, he hurriedly persuaded: “It’s almost burned inside, it’s impossible for anyone to be alive–”

Bai Nianjin glanced at the man silently and turned around, and walked quickly towards the burning villa. The villa was burning at this moment, and if you were a little closer, you could feel as if your body was being burned by flames-one couldn’t even imagine what the person inside at this time suffered.

After Bai Nianjin walked to the door, he was about to rush inside. Fortunately, he was forcibly stopped by the person who had been following him.

“Bai Nianjin–you are crazy–” The man said in horror, “Come stop him, he wants to go inside!!”

Several people standing nearby all stepped forward and held down Bai Nianjin.

“Let me go–” Bai Nianjin was struggling as if he was crazy, he said, “Don’t fucking stop me, Li Hansheng is inside, Li Hansheng is still inside!!!” His eyes were red. , Like a trapped beast, he constantly tried to break free from his shackles. The person who stopped him was really helpless, so he found a rope and simply tied him into the car.

It is said that the potential of man is huge, and Bai Nianjin really is the same. Five men have been restraining him, and he can still struggle constantly, even almost breaking free.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger, but the firefighters’ fire efforts were just a drop in the bucket.

Bai Nianjin was locked in the car, and he let out a desperate cry. His sad voice seemed to hold his soul and the sadness made the hearts of those guarding him tremble.

“Let me go-let me in-he’s still in there!!” Bai Nianjin kept hitting the glass with his head, and soon blood oozed out of his head. The person looking at him could only re-tie it again and fix him firmly on the seat.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger, almost illuminating the night. Bai Nianjin’s coughed up blood, and stopped screaming, merely stared at the burning room.

“Teacher.” Bai Nianjin murmured dumbly, “Teacher.”

When the firefighters finally suppressed the fire, the sky was almost bright. The whole room was burnt with only a skeleton. Not to mention a person, even the land was burned and cracked.

Bai Nianjin was still tied to the car. He watched the search and rescue personnel inspect the ruins dully, and for the first time, he began begging for God’s mercy.

But just like a little boy, God never felt pity for him. He seemed to be born like this—the search and rescue personnel had the results; in the living room, they found a skeleton that was almost burnt.

“Bai Nianjin.” Someone spoke next to him, but Bai Nianjin couldn’t tell who he was.

The man said, “Calm down.”

The blood on Bai Nianjin’s forehead ran down his cheeks, his eyes finally disappeared from the previous madness, as if he had accepted this fact. He said, “Let me go.”

The man stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Bai Nianjin, cautiously said: “You, can you see who I am?”

Bai Nianjin glanced at him indifferently and said, “Li Shenquan.”

After being called out, Li Shenquan finally breathed a sigh of relief. He said, “Bai Nianjin, calm down, if something goes wrong, who will Li Hansheng’s hate?”

Bai Nianjin said, “Yeah.”

Li Shenquan said: “Then, then I will let you go, don’t overdo it…”

Bai Nianjin looked down and nodded.

Li Shenquan slowly untied Bai Nianjin’s rope. When he untied the rope, he realized that because Bai Nianjin struggled so hard that it had cut deeply into the flesh, Li Shenquan felt painful when he saw it. Nian Jin didn’t seem to feel anything from beginning to end.

After releasing Bai Nianjin, he patted Bai Nianjin on the shoulder and said, “Be mentally prepared.”

Bai Nianjin glanced at Li Shenquan indifferently. Li Shenquan felt cold all over by Bai Nianjin’s look. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he closed his mouth again. He felt that no matter what he said at this time, it was superfluous.

Bai Nianjin got out of the car.

His madness before, made everyone around him shocked, and some people whispered, saying that this man’s lover had not come out, so he wanted to rush in … But these words, Bai Nianjin didn’t hear.

He walked slowly towards the land that was already scorched with the pungent smell of burnt things. The sky was already bright at this time, but Bai Nianjin still had the illusion that he was in the dark.

The firefighters removed the remains and wrapped them in a body bag and set them aside.

“Is it a family member?” someone asked.

Bai Nianjin didn’t answer, he walked slowly to the body bag and opened the zipper.

In the bag was a corpse without a face. His original appearance was completely gone.

Bai Nianjin’s hands trembled so much that he pulled the zipper to the bottom little by little. Like being struck by lightning, Bai Nianjin saw the burnt black ring on the corpse’s feet, and instantly vomited a mouthful of blood. He stretched out his hand and hugged the corpse firmly into his arms without feeling at all. terrible.

“Teacher, teacher…” murmured in a low voice, Bai Nianjin’s eyes drifted away, he said, “It hurts, right? It must hurt.”

It’s painful to be burned alive in a cage where you can’t escape.

The scorched bones seemed to be rubbed into Bai Nianjin’s body, with bright red blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, and his eyes dimmed, like a candle about to go out.

Bai Nianjin’s friend Li Shenquan watched Bai Nianjin’s reaction next to him, and only felt creeped. In fact, he didn’t really understand Bai Nianjin and Li Hansheng’s affairs. After all, these two only got together not long ago. Although he was guessing in his heart, he didn’t figure out why.

Li Hansheng came to him only once. Li Shenquan felt that this man had a mild personality and should be a good person, but he didn’t know how he had provoke Bai Nianjin somehow.

This is a story that hasn’t started yet, it seems to have just begun its the prologue but was forced to end.

Bai Nianjin held Li Hansheng’s body and refused to let it go. He fantasized a lot about the future of him and his teacher, some sweet and some sad, but there has never been an ending, like the present.

Bai Nianjin knelt on the ground for a long time. He didn’t care how hideous the body was, and even bowed his head and kissed several times.

Li Shenquan looked at the side and panicked. He couldn’t help it. He went forward and held Bai Nianjin’s shoulder. He said, “Bai Nianjin.”

Bai Nianjin did not move.

Li Shenquan’s inexplicable conversation with Bai Nianjin was a little vacant. He swallowed, and continued to work hard to persuade in a low voice: “Bai Nianjin…you, how are you, don’t be too sad…”

Because even he himself felt that what he said was not convincing.

Bai Nianjin didn’t even look at Li Shenquan, he was holding the corpse tightly, and he couldn’t hear the people around him.

It was such a deep love, Li Shenquan smiled bitterly. He did not expect that this fire would affect Bai Nianjin so much. The people who saw all this was willing to see Bai Nianjin collapse.

Li Shenquan took a deep breath, knowing that Bai Nianjin could not be allowed to continue like this, he increased the strength of his hands, and slowly said: “Bai Nianjin, you must think clearly, if you die, who will avenge your teacher?”

Bai Nianjin froze.

Li Shenquan knew that what he said would be a bit too much, but if Bai Nianjin was not stimulated, this person will be completely finished. He said: “Think about it, why did these people kill your teacher? Didn’t they just want to break you? Is it true that you intend to kill your teacher in vain, and it is what they want?”

Bai Nianjin was silent.

Seeing that he did not respond, Li Shenquan was disappointed in his heart. He was about to say something more when he heard “Right”—Bai Nianjin finally spoke.

Bai Nianjin said: “I can’t die, I need to avenge teacher.”

Li Shenquan breathed a sigh of relief, he thought, as long as the saddest time is passed, there should be no problem with the Bai Nianjin, after all, time can dilute everything, and there are many landscapes in this world that can heal wounds.

Bai Nianjin stood up and got into the car with the corpse. Li Shenquan originally wanted to follow, but Bai Nianjin refused.

Bai Nianjin said: “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”

Li Shenquan looked intolerable, thinking that Bai Nianjin, if you call it okay like this, then what is okay? But Bai Nianjin’s expression was very stubborn, he didn’t give Li Shenquan a chance to speak again, and drove out of here without hesitation.

Li Shenquan looked at Bai Nianjin who was leaving by the dust, sighing in his heart, wondering what will happen to Bai Nianjin.

The cause of the fire in the villa was quickly ascertained. It was said that the explosion was caused by a gas leak in the kitchen, and the police simply classified it as an accident. This result was too perfunctory, even Li Shenquan couldn’t believe it. On the contrary, Bai Nianjin accepted the result calmly from beginning to end, except that his face became a little pale, no one could imagine how distraught he was that day.

Li Hansheng’s funeral was held in another city.

Li Shenquan didn’t go to see it, so he didn’t know what was going on. The only thing he knew was that when Bai Nianjin came back, he had lost a bit of weight. His whole person looked like a skeleton.

Li Shenquan couldn’t bear it, and said don’t ruin your body.

Bai Nianjin drank the wine in front of him, glanced at Li Shenquan, and said with a smile: “I’m fine.”

Li Shenquan sighed, all things are accidents. After you take revenge, don’t blame yourself too much.

Bai Nianjin was silent for a while, touched the wine glass, and slowly said: “If he had no chains on his feet, he would not die.”

Li Shenquan was speechless.

Bai Nianjin continued: “Those people came at me. If he didn’t meet me, he would not have an accident.”

Li Shenquan wanted to persuade him again, but he opened his mouth without knowing what to say. Because of this matter, Bai Nianjin is indeed responsible.

Bai Nianjin said: “He has suffered for eight lifetimes and met me.” After he finished speaking, he actually laughed out, “Too bad.”

Li Shenquan looked at Bai Nianjin’s smile, and would rather he not smile. This smile is really ugly.

“Okay.” Bai Nianjin said, “Thank you, Li Shenquan.”

Li Shenquan looked at Bai Nianjin with concern, but as an outsider, he couldn’t say anything. After watching Bai Nianjin after drinking, he got up and said goodbye.

After that, Li Shenquan and Bai Nianjin did not sit together to drink for a long time. However, Li Shenquan never broke the news of Bai Nianjin.

The fire report also came out privately. The culprit was actually a younger brother of Bai Nianjin, who was also an illegitimate child, but his luck was not as good as Bai Nianjin. Bai Wenan did not recognize him back to the Bai family from beginning to end. Of course, besides him, there are many people from the Bai family who moved their hands and feet inside, and the implications are so extensive that even Li Shenquan did not expect it.

Li Shenquan was a person who likes to dig gossip. The death of Li Hansheng suddenly ignited his gossip heart. So after finding some time, Li Shenquan went to investigate everything about Bai Nianjin and Li Hansheng. As a result, many things found out surprised him very much.

For example, the reason why Bai Nianjin was taken home back then was that his kidney matched Bai Wen’an’s daughter. Bai Wen’an originally planned to replace one of Bai Nianjin’s kidneys with his daughter, but something happened later. His daughter He didn’t make it and died before the operation. It stands to reason that Bai Nianjin, who was matched, would be treated badly by Bai Wen’an, but Li Shenquan did not expect that this would be the first step that Bai Nianjin took in Bai’s house.

Bai Nianjin’s personality is very similar to his father. After all, he has the blood of the Bai family. Under Bai Wen’an’s teaching, he quickly showed amazing talents.

When Li Shenquan and Bai Nianjin met, it was their third year of university. He and Bai Nianjin met by chance at the same school and majored in the same field.

But after seeing so much information about Bai Nianjin, Li Shenquan realized that he actually didn’t know Bai Nianjin.

Seeing Bai Nianjin’s experience as a teenager, Li Shenquan probably understood Bai Nianjin’s despair. Li Hansheng was probably the only warmth in his life during the years when the white nian was like a cold winter. He loved him and treated him like a son, but in the end, he died because of Bai Nianjin. Li Shenquan thought about it for a while, and felt that he couldn’t stand it either.

These stories are covered with a layer of dim yellow by the years, like memories that are about to fade, bitter and sweet.

Li Shenquan looked a little fascinated, and then involuntarily thought of the current Bai Nianjin.

It has been two years since the fire.

Bai Nianjin was still alive, it seems that he is still alive, his position in the Bai family is getting more and more stable, and his reputation is getting better and better.

It was normal for a handsome and golden young talent to be in the spotlight of the public. Li Shenquan sometimes wonders whether Bai Nianjin has emerged from the fire.

However, before Li Shenquan found the answer, Bai Nianjin gave the truth.

Those involved in the fire that year all began to die strangely, and the ways they died were cruel.

Li Shenquan noticed this incident because of the social version of the newspaper. He saw the newspaper saying that a certain girl was robbed by gangsters when she was walking at night. She was actually dismembered. The scariest thing is that passers-by called the police, and the girl was still alive after the ambulance arrived, but she had no limbs.

The more Li Shenquan read the news, the more he felt wrong. Finally, he checked it and found out that he was in a cold sweat. From this day on, he realized that Bai Nianjin’s revenge had begun.

This was a long-term revenge. Because many people involved in the fire are in high positions, they probably didn’t understand at the end of their lives, but it was just a little Mawei against Bai Nianjin, how could they cause such crazy revenge.

Li Shenquan, who was aware of this incident, met Bai Nianjin again.

“Welcome.” Bai Nianjin rebuilt another villa on the burnt-out villa.

After Li Shenquan went in, he discovered that the villa was almost exactly the same as the burnt down before Bai Nianjin. From the decoration to the furniture, and even the plants and trees in the garden, they have been perfectly restored. Li Shenquan felt a bit of discomfort on Li Shenquan’s back.

Bai Nianjin smiled and greeted Li Shenquan coming in.

“Nianjin, long time no see.” Li Shenquan sat down in front of Bai Nianjin, and took a sip of the hot tea in front of him.

Bai Nianjin said: “Well, long time no see.”

Compared with the Bai Nianjin in my memory, the person in front of me seemed more beautiful. He lost weight a bit, but sharpened the lines on his face, and his whole body was exuding an aura like ice and snow. The appearance of sitting carelessly in front of Li Shenquan at this time was as beautiful as a painting.

“How have you been?” Li Shenquan was cautious.

Bai Nianjin slowly said: “Not bad.” He also lowered his head and took a sip of tea, with a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth, he said, “Not bad.”

Bai Nianjin seemed to be in a really good state, but Li Shenquan still had some doubts in his heart, and did not ask in detail.

The two talked about recent developments. Bai Nianjin’s words were no different from ordinary people. If it weren’t for the heart-piercing appearance that Li Shenquan had seen him, he was afraid that he would not have imagined what happened to him. Is it possible that such a hideous wound has really  healed over time?

Li Shenquan was thinking, but he heard Bai Nianjin say to invite him to dinner. Li Shenquan responded, Bai Nianjin said he would go upstairs to change his clothes, and asked Li Shenquan to wait for him for a while.

Li Shenquan nodded and watched Bai Nianjin slowly go up to the second floor. However, when he suddenly noticed something on the stairs on the second floor, he felt a basin of cold water dripping down. It was a chain that spread down from the second floor, bypassed the living room, and entered the kitchen. Li Shenquan is a little familiar with the style of the chain. He seems to have seen it at the scene of the fire. And he thought about it for a while, and finally remembered where he had seen such a chain. Yes, it was at the fire scene that year. At the end of the chain, there should be a ring——

Li Shenquan trembled. He wanted to go to the toilet to see where the chain was. Just standing up, he saw that Bai Nianjin had come down.

“Let’s go.” Bai Nianjin said with a smile on his face. “what happened?”

Somehow, Li Shenquan didn’t dare to mention this to Bai Nianjin, and slowly walked out of the house behind Bai Nianjin.

Because of something in his heart, Li Shenquan’s meal was quite depressed. Bai Nianjin has a good appetite, and even smiles between his eyebrows when he ate. Li Shenquan saw that his smile did not seem to be fake, so he was more puzzled.

Seeing that the dinner was about to end, Li Shenquan couldn’t help it. He licked his lips and said dryly: “Nianjin…Do you remember Li Hansheng?”

Bai Nianjin heard the words of the chopsticks and said, “Of course.”

While speaking, Li Shenquan carefully observed Bai Nianjin’s expression. He found that when the name was mentioned, Bai Nianjin had neither anger nor sadness on his face. Instead, his expression was light, as if he was talking about something insignificant.

Li Shenquan said: “He…”

Bai Nianjin smiled and said, “Shenquan, we have all been fooled.”

Li Shenquan was taken aback.

Bai Nianjin said: “You are my good friend, so I told you that Li Hansheng is not dead.”

When Li Shenquan heard this, his first reaction was that Bai Nianjin was crazy. The corpse was there at the time and everyone had seen it. How could Li Hansheng not die. Unless someone overturned the sky and change the day… The chains on Li Hansheng’s feet…

Bai Nianjin guessed what Li Shenquan was thinking. He smiled and said, “Yes, he was replaced.”

Li Shenquan couldn’t understand, he blinked, trying to digest what Bai Nianjin said. Bai Nianjin said that Li Hansheng was not dead, but the chain in the house…

Bai Nian Jin showed some helplessness, he said: “Teacher still refuses to come back, he’s only willing to write to me.”

Li Shenquan said: “Then you haven’t seen him yet?”

Bai Nianjin said: “I have seen him.”

Li Shenquan frowned tightly, and this explanation seemed to finally be able to explain why these years have gone well. The one he loves is still alive, and there is still a possibility of compensation for his sins.

“But even so.” Bai Nianjin put his hand on his chin, and said in a loose tone, “The damn people still have to die.”

Li Shenquan swallowed and said, “In that case, I wish you an early success.”

“Okay.” The white year’s brocade smiled with a smile, bright as a spring flower, and beautiful.

Li Shenquan said in his heart that the reason for the beautiful smile is probably because there is a chance to regret the worst thing in life.

After that, Bai Nianjin’s revenge continued.

The people involved in the fire died one by one in cruel ways.

Some doubts arose in Li Shenquan’s heart, wondering why Bai Nianjin’s resentment was so great since Li Hansheng was not dead. Bai Nianjin seemed to know what he was thinking. When they met, he joked that those people who dared to move him were all damned.

Bai Nianjin should be killing chickens and monkeys, Li Shenquan didn’t think much about it.

Seeing that the enemies were getting fewer one by one, Li Shenquan thought that Bai Nianjin’s revenge was almost over, so he went to Bai Nianjin to drink.

When the secretary took Li Shenquan to Bai Nianjin’s office, the office door was ajar. Li Shenquan knocked on the door and saw that there was no response inside, so he walked in.

He saw that there was no one in front of the desk, only a stack of white paper was placed, and the toilet light next to it was on. Bai Nianjin should be inside.

If it was normal, Li Shenquan would probably sit and wait obediently, but this day he didn’t know what he thought, and saw that there was no one around, so he walked quietly to the desk.

The white paper on the desk was all letter paper. Li Shenquan noticed that there was a snow-white envelope next to the letter paper. He curled his lips when he thought of something. These should be the letters sent by Li Hansheng to Bai Nianjin. I don’t know what was written in the letter, whether it was all love words, or a harsh rebuke to Bai Nianjin. Thinking about this, Li Shenquan leaned over and took a look, then froze.

The paper was blank, without a word, the envelope is also blank, no handwriting can be seen, Li Shenquan’s smile froze on his face, he told himself, don’t think too much, in case this is actually what Bai Nianjin would give to Li Hansheng and hasn’t written it yet. Where’s the letter…

However, as soon as he comforted himself so much, Bai Nianjin’s footsteps sounded behind him.

Bai Nianjin walked to Li Shenquan’s side and said with a smile: “What are you looking at? Peeking at my letter from teacher? Be careful.”

Li Shenquan felt cold all over, and he really couldn’t laugh anymore.

Bai Nianjin didn’t realize it was strange. He sat down behind the table and gently touched the letter paper, grumbling aggrievedly in his mouth. Saying that the teacher took so long to write to him, he must be still angry with him. When he finished the matter, he will pick up the teacher and coax him. While talking, Bai Nianjin folded the letters little by little and put them in the drawer.

Li Shenquan watched this scene with dry lips. He found that Bai Nianjin’s wound hadn’t healed, but he had hidden it so well that everyone thought he was nothing unusual. In fact, the hideous wound had rotted into the bone, and Bai Nianjin’s life was about to end.

“Nianjin.” Li Shenquan didn’t know how to persuade Bai Nianjin to live in a happy fantasy and die slowly, or wake up from his dream and live in pain.

“What’s wrong.” Bai Nianjin raised his eyes and slowly said, “What do you want to say?”

“…” Li Shenquan didn’t say anything. He took a deep breath and said with difficulty, “It’s okay.”

Bai Nianjin said, “Yeah.”

Originally, he was going to ask Bai Nianjin to have a drink, but Li Shenquan lost interest, and just found an excuse and left. When he left, he kept thinking could Bai Nianjin still be saved? If so, how should he save him? But after thinking all the way, thinking about it for a day, he couldn’t find the answer. It was the death of Li Hansheng that took the life of Bai Nianjin. Is there a way to bring the dead back to life? The answer is no. Therefore, Bai Nianjin is suffering from a terminal illness.

Li Shenquan felt sad and went back to get drunk. His girlfriend asked him what happened. He said: “If I die, what will you do?”

His girlfriend curled his hair and said with a smile: “I love you so much, of course I will die with you.”

Li Shenquan closed his eyes and found the answer in his heart.

Bai Nianjin loves Li Hansheng too much. Maybe when Li Hansheng leaves, he wants to leave with him, but he can’t. He wants to avenge Li Hansheng. So self-deception created a Li Hansheng, deceived himself that he is still there, deceived himself to live. I just don’t know how long such a scam can last.

Li Shenquan saw the truth, but felt helpless.

Bai Nianjin is like a person trapped in a swamp. He wants to reach out and pull him out, but Bai Nianjin was unwilling to respond to him. Not only that, but in the depths of the swamp, there is also a pair of hands belonging to Li Hansheng. Nian Jin slowly dragged down.

Since that day, every time Li Shenquan saw the news of Bai Nianjin, he felt terrified.

Bai Nianjin was different from what he had imagined. It was calm and moisturized. He had a firm foothold in the Bai’s house, and coupled with ruthless methods, anyone would fear him by three points.

When Li Shenquan met with Bai Nianjin later, he euphemistically mentioned something about Li Hansheng. But Bai Nianjin looked cold, as if he could not hear Li Shenquan’s hint. If what Li Shenquan said was a little too obvious, Bai Nianjin would still be angry directly, saying what do you mean by Li Shenquan, is it cursing the teacher to die?

Li Shenquan had no choice.

There were fewer and fewer people involved in the fire. Li Shenquan was worried, and suddenly received a call from Bai Nianjin that day.

Bai Nianjin’s tone on the phone was very excited, he said that everything was finally over.

Li Shenquan felt something was wrong and asked him what he meant.

Bai Nianjin did not answer, but murmured that he had waited for this day for a long time.

Li Shenquan felt a chill in his heart, so he quickly asked where Bai Nianjin was and what had happened. Don’t be impulsive.

“Li Shenquan.” Bai Nianjin said, “I’m really struggling.”

After Bai Nianjin said this, he hung up the phone. Li Shenquan was sweating all over and rushed towards Bai Nianjin’s residence after taking the car key.

There were many red lights along the way, Li Shenquan kept praying in his heart, praying that things were not what he thought.

However, it was too late.

When he arrived at the villa where Bai Nianjin was located, there was already a sea of ​​fire, exactly the same as the scene when Li Hansheng was burned to death. Only this time, there was no Bai Nianjin who collapsed and wanted to rush in.

Li Shenquan stood in front of the villa, watching the blazing fire, tears finally fell.

The fire alarm sounded very quickly, but Bai Nianjin had been prepared for a long time, and poured a lot of fuel-supporting gasoline at home. The fire was so violent that there was no possibility of extinguishing it.

Li Shenquan’s face was flushed by the flames, he shook his hands and smoked, desperately waiting for the flame in front of him to go out.

This wait, just waited all night. Compared to the car that Bai Nianjin was in, watching Li Hansheng burned to death is a hundred times more uncomfortable than he is now.

Finally, the flame was finally extinguished, and Li Shenquan also saw Bai Nianjin’s body.

What made him most unacceptable was that he unexpectedly found a chain on Bai Nianjin’s feet. Like the one he had seen in Bai Nianjin’s house, it was golden and thin, and it was set on a ring, and the ring was on the foot. Take away all the possibilities of escape.

“You crazy man, Bai Nianjin, you lunatic——” Li Shenquan’s tears kept falling, and the men did not flick them lightly, but it was just not to the point of sadness.

Even Bai Nianjin’s best friend, Li Shenquan never discovered that his friend was actually crazy long ago. At the moment Li Han died, Bai Nianjin was no longer a normal person. Li Shenquan didn’t dare to think about how he survived in the house where Li Hansheng died in recent years. When all the revenge was over, Bai Nianjin could finally breathe a sigh of relief and calmly embark on the path he had prepared for himself.

Finally, someone wanted to take away Bai Nianjin’s body, but was stopped by Li Shenquan. He said, “Bai Nianjin entrusted me to deal with it, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Then Li Shenquan took Bai Nianjin to the funeral home and cremated it.

He had no relatives. Bai Nianjin has only Li Hansheng alone. He lives for only one person.

Bai Nianjin was in a high position, but the funeral is simple, and there is not even a relative to hold the spirit. From cremation to burial, it was Li Shenquan alone.

Li Shenquan placed the tomb of Bai Nianjin next to Li Hansheng.

When he went to burn the incense, he murmured, If your teacher is waiting for you, you can go with him obediently and reincarnate with him. If he didn’t wait, don’t be sad. After passing the Naihe Bridge, it’s only two short. You can still catch up.

He told Li Hansheng again that this man is stupid, and I beg Li Hansheng not to blame him, he just doesn’t know how to like people, and no one has taught him well.

After the incense was lit, other tributes were put on, Li Shenquan smoked a cigarette in front of the tomb and then left.

On the way back, his girlfriend curiously asked about the story of Bai Nianjin and Li Hansheng.

Li Shenquan said lightly: “It’s not a good story. It’s over before it starts.”

The girlfriend looked confused.

Li Shenquan put his arms around his girlfriend’s shoulders, and slowly told his girlfriend about Bai Nianjin. His girlfriend also cried when she heard Bai Nianjin’s death. She said, “You asked me this question before, because of this?”

Li Shenquan said: “Yes.”

“Don’t be too sad either.” His girlfriend kissed his lips, her expression was sad and gentle, she said, “For some people, living is torture.”

Indeed, for Bai Nianjin, death is liberation and should be celebrated.

Li Shenquan also wanted to start something. He said, “Thank you for staying with me.”

The woman smiled softly. She said, “Well, I thank you too.”

Seeing the two of them went away, the scenery behind them quickly retreated.

In the green cemetery of pines and cypresses, the faces on the two photos on a tombstone are so young and gentle. It’s as if their time stayed in the snowy night ten years ago.

He carried him as if carrying the whole world.


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