FPL Chapter 24

Bai Nianjin’s hands are very small and very cold, but Bai Luoluo’s hands are gradually covering the heat.

Then Bai Nianjin sat in the back seat of Bai Luoluo’s bicycle. Bai Luoluo said in front: “Hold tight.”

Bai Nianjin answered softly.

Before returning home, Bai Luoluo went to the supermarket again and asked Bai Nianjin what he wanted to eat.

Looking at the dazzling array of products, Bai Nianjin quietly followed Bai Luoluo, saying it was all right.

Bai Luoluo thought for a while, thought it was so cold this day, so let’s just rinse the lamb. He said, “Nianjin, are you used to eating lamb?”

Bai Nianjin said: “Anything is fine.”

Seeing that Bai Nianjin had no objection, Bai Luoluo went to buy a few large boxes of fine mutton specially used for shabu, and bought some fresh vegetables and ingredients for shabu mutton.

Bai Nianjin followed Bai Luoluo from the beginning to the end like a small tail, and she took the initiative to narrate Luoluo pushing the cart. If these two people saw it, they might really think they were a father-son relationship .

After buying things, Bai Luoluo took another carton of milk and asked Bai Nianjin if he could drink the original flavor.

Bai Nianjin still does not refuse to come, this child seems to have no disliked food. Yes, people who have been tortured by hunger don’t understand the value of food.

Compared with Bai Nianjin, Bai Luoluo has never experienced any hardship since he was a child. Although his family conditions are not particularly good, his parents have stable jobs, and the milk has never been cut since childhood. There were no bags of milk in the supermarket after an hour. It was all the dairy farmers carrying the burdens and shouting to buy. Bai Luoluo still remembers that he was holding milk tickets and milk with his childhood sweetheart in a small flower skirt at four o’clock in the afternoon after an hour. The fond memory of Guo rushing to the dairy farmer… However, when he mentioned his childhood sweetheart, Bai Luoluo was forced to have Qin Baichuan’s smile.

Bai Luoluo: “…” Well, now his childhood sweetheart is taller than him.

Thanks to the milk, Bai Luoluo can grow to more than eighteen meters, so when he saw milk, Bai Luoluo couldn’t help but want to bring a box of Bai Nianjin. It is the time for high school kids to make up their bodies. Bai Luoluo doesn’t want to be able to find a girlfriend if Bai Nianjin hasn’t grown to 1.7 meters.

Bai Nianjin didn’t know what Bai Luoluo was thinking. He buttoned his hat on his head and pressed his face to Bai Luoluo’s back, with the whistling wind in his ears. But Bai Nianjin didn’t feel cold. He felt as if he was hugging a warm sun, which illuminated his originally dark world, and he saw a landscape he had never seen before.

When he arrived at Bai Luoluo’s residence, the wind seemed to have become smaller. Bai Luoluo let Bai Nianjin down and patted the snow on his head. He smiled: “Go, eat lamb.”

Bai Nianjin carried the milk and stared at Bai Luoluo’s gentle face illuminated by the street lamp, unable to move her eyes away.

After arriving home, Bai Luoluo first found a set of clothes for Bai Nianjin to change, and then turned on the TV for him and prepared some fruits for Bai Nianjin to sit and rest, and then went to the kitchen to work.

Bai Nianjin was holding hot tea in her hand, the dots on her eyelashes melted under the temperature, moisturizing his eyes.

Brushing the lamb pot bottom is the most authentic broth, but Bai Luoluo is afraid that Bai Nianjin will not be used to the mutton smell, so he still uses the broth, but he went to the supermarket a bit late, and the best lamb in the fresh meat area has been sold. Almost.

Jujubes, sliced ​​ginger, green onion, and some common medicinal herbs prepared at home, Bai Luoluo prepared the bottom of the pot and began to cut lamb again. After he had cut it, he washed the vegetables and put them in the basket.

There was still fermented bean curd in the refrigerator, plus the sesame sauce bought today. After Bai Luoluo made the sauce, the bottom of the pot almost burned out, so he shouted and started the meal.

“It’s delicious.” The hot lamb pot was constantly tumbling under the heating of the induction cooker. Bai Luoluo smiled and said to Bai Nianjin, “Enough meat.”

Probably because the body has warmed up, Bai Nianjin’s face has a lovely blush, his appearance is very quiet when he eats, and there is no sound from beginning to end.

Bai Luoluo hasn’t eaten mutton for a long time. The mutton in this supermarket tastes very good, the upper brain meat is tender and soft, and the sauce made with fermented bean curd and sesame sauce is full of meat in the mouth. The hind leg meat is thinner and more chewy. After chewing with the teeth a few times, the umami taste seems to be soaked in the root of the tongue. Pea sprouts are a must-have vegetable. When you shabu it in the pot, you only need to blanch it a little. It still keeps the greenish color before you eat it. After walking through the broth, it seems to have the sweetness of vegetables, especially The solution is tired.

Bai Luoluo opened a bottle of Coke for Bai Nianjin, while he poured a little wine. There was not much conversation between the two, but the atmosphere was unexpectedly harmonious.

Several boxes of mutton together are almost four catties. Bai Luoluo thought there would be some left. But when he and Bai Nianjin opened their stomachs to the back, it was not enough, so Bailuo went to the kitchen to get it. Order noodles and put them inside.

After eating the noodles, the two of them were completely full, and their stomachs seemed to bulge. Bai Luoluo was limp on the sofa, already a little wanting to sleep.

Bai Nianjin stood up and said that she was going to wash the dishes, but Bai Luoluo didn’t stop him. It’s not a bad thing for children to do some housework.

When Bai Nianjin washed the dishes, Bai Luoluo urged Bai Nianjin to take a bath and prepared pajamas for him.

On weekdays, Bai Nianjin looked a little small when she wore down jackets. Now she changed to pajamas and looked more like an underdeveloped child. Bai Luoluo looked at his thin arms and legs and felt really distressed. Urge him to exercise.

Bai Nianjin was a little bit cramped, with her head down, her ears still red, and said, “Teacher, where do I sleep.”

Bai Luoluo handed him the milk and said, “Drink it, and then go brush your teeth. I’ll make the bed for you.”

Bai Nianjin obediently took the milk and began to drink it.

Bai Luoluo thinks that Bai Nianjin is such a fucking damn thing. Bai Nianjin has big eyes and long eyelashes, and her skin is still white. Her lips are still red when she just took a shower. She is so cute as an elf, and it’s too bad for her. Go and beat him.

After drinking the milk and brushing his teeth, Bai Luoluo watched Bai Nianjin get onto his guest bed.

Bai Luoluo said, “Are you afraid of the dark? Just turn on the wall lamp if you are afraid of the dark.”

Bai Nianjin covered the lower half of her face with a quilt, revealing a pair of dark eyes. When she looked at Bai Luoluo, it seemed as if there were small stars shining in it. He said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Don’t be afraid, do you like milk?”

Bai Nianjin said dullly, “I like it.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Well, go to sleep, good night.”

Bai Nianjin watched Bai Luoluo exit the house, and then the light went out.

With the thick quilt, the soft bed, and the dry smell of the sun on the pillows, Bai Nianjin feels like a silkworm wrapped in a cocoon, with a sense of security that makes him relaxed and happy. He slowly closed his eyes, but he seemed to still be able to see his teacher’s gentle eyes, Bai Nianjin thought, how come those eyes are so beautiful.

Bai Luoluo drank a little wine at night, and he slept very well, and was awakened by urine the next morning.

When he got up from the bed in a daze and walked to the toilet, he heard the sound of water. He fixed his eyes and found that Bai Nianjin was already awake, squatting in the toilet and wondering what he was doing.

Bai Luoluo said, “Nianjin, are you awake?”

Bai Nianjin didn’t expect Bai Luoluo to get up so early, and his body seemed to froze.

Bai Luoluo said, “What are you doing…” Before the word could be spoken, Bai Luoluo reacted. He got up in the morning and washed his pants. It seemed that this was something young men had done.

Bai Luoluo held back his laugh, did not continue the topic, and said, “What do you want to eat in the morning?”

Bai Nianjin hummed and said casually.

Bai Luoluo ignored him, just told him to hurry up, he wanted to go to the toilet. Such things as weird dreams should be normal for high school students. When Bai Luoluo thought he wetted the bed for the first time in his dream, he went to the bathroom to wash his pants quietly, but was caught by his mother. His mother didn’t fool him with any reason, but smiled and said that he had grown up, and then threw him a physiology book. I have to say that Bai Luoluo’s development of today’s optimistic and gentle character has a lot to do with his warm family environment.

Bai Luoluo cooked some dumplings casually for breakfast, Bai Nianjin washed his pants, and the whole person was like a balloon that had been blown off, feeling that he had to blow two breaths to bulge.

Bai Luoluo served Bai Nianjin with dumplings and smiled and said, “What’s wrong, so unhappy.”

Bai Nianjin said, “It’s okay.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Let’s eat, I have something to tell you after eating.”

Bai Nianjin said yes.

The two ate dumplings of pork and cabbage. Bai Luoluo gave Bai Nianjin another bottle of milk before he thought about what was in his heart. He said: “Bai Nianjin, this winter vacation… do you want to come to my house?”

Bai Nianjin shook her hand and almost squashed the milk box.

Bai Luoluo said, “Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you. I just ask your opinion. You see it is about to be a sophomore in high school. The task of studying is heavy, and the teacher is afraid that you will be affected at home.”

Bai Nianjin seemed to hesitate very much, his teeth were grinding his lower lip, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

Bai Luoluo looked at him expectantly.

However, what Bai Luoluo did not expect was that Bai Nianjin finally refused his invitation.

Bai Nianjin said, “Teacher… I’m sorry… I can’t come.”

Bai Luoluo was a little disappointed, he said: “Why?”

Bai Nianjin said: “I… have something to do by myself.”

Bai Luoluo said: “What?”

Bai Nianjin said, “I can’t tell the teacher.”

Bai Luoluo sighed slightly, but still did not continue to ask questions. If he insisted on asking, he might get the answer from Bai Nianjin’s mouth, but since Bai Nianjin didn’t want to say, then why should he embarrass Bai Nianjin.

“All right.” Bai Luoluo said, “The teacher will take you home.”

Bai Nianjin shook his head and said, “Teacher, no need.”

Bai Luoluo glanced at his eyebrows.

But this time, Bai Nianjin’s attitude was very firm. He said: “Teacher, I really don’t need it. I can go back by myself. Thank you teacher for the hospitality yesterday.”

Seeing his firm attitude, Bai Luoluo had to compromise. He said, “Well, all right, then I’ll call you a taxi, so don’t refuse.”

Bai Nianjin said thank you teacher.

Bai Luoluo delivered the Bai Nianjin downstairs, and insisted on giving the milk bought yesterday to Bai Nianjin, saying that if he didn’t want this, the teacher would be angry. Bai Nianjin only accepted Bai Luoluo’s things.

After the taxi drove away, Bai Luoluo sighed and said, “Adolescent children, it’s really hard to grasp the measure.”

The system said: “Yes.”

Then one person and one system sighed together.

But even though Bai Nianjin is gone, Bai Luoluo’s mission has just begun. That’s right, Bai Luoluo has already planned to report to the police station for taking drugs at Bai Nianjin’s mother. Although this incident may have prevented Bai Nianjin from seeing his mother for a while, in Bai Luoluo’s view, such a mother is really useless for Bai Nianjin’s growth.

The influence of a parent who takes drugs/drugs and domestic violence on the child will last for a lifetime.

The system is also quite active in this matter, and Bai Luoluo called the police on the second day of Bai Nianjin’s winter vacation.

Bai Luoluo said: “What is she doing?”

The system said slyly: “I am making appointments with people to buy fans when and where.” Then he gave Bai Luoluo the information he knew.

Upon hearing this, Bai Luoluo hurried to a nearby public phone to call 110, and deliberately lowered his voice, saying that the xx area was going to conduct drug dealing, and troubled the police uncle to punish him according to law.

The police also wanted to ask Bai Luoluo about the specific situation, and Bai Luoluo hung up the phone.

Bai Luoluo, who spoke to the police uncle for the first time, was a little nervous. He asked the system: “Am I clear? Will the police go? If I don’t go, do I have to call again?”

The system said: “Have you never reported to the police before?”

Bai Luoluo said, “I haven’t encountered anything to call the police.”

The system sighed and said: “You are really a good citizen…”

Bai Luoluo: “(⊙v⊙).”

Although Bai Luoluo was worried, the information given to him by the system still worked. When Bai Nianjin’s mother picked up the goods, she never expected that she walked to the place agreed with the source of the goods and was about to trade, so she threw it out. A group of plainclothes policemen were hired.

Bai Nianjin’s mother fainted on the spot. When she woke up again, she was already detained at the police station.

The world’s laws and regulations on drugs/products and the world where Bai Luoluo lives are even worse. Drug trafficking is basically a small amount and will be sentenced to heavy penalties.

But Baimu only takes drugs and does not sell drugs, so she will not go to jail and will only be held in a detention center.

But even so, she had to squat in the detention center for several months.

Unexpectedly, things went so smoothly, Bai Luoluo felt that this happiness came a bit too suddenly. He said: “Is this going in?” The system said: “Otherwise?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Well, I will continue to work hard…” When she comes out, she will definitely have to buy goods, and then help her in.

System: “The law is the weapon of the people.”

Bai Luoluo nodded, feeling that the party emblem on his chest became more vivid.

Bai Nianjin’s mother was in the game, but Bai Nianjin’s people disappeared. Bai Luoluo went to the place where Bai Nianjin lived and blocked him for several days, and Bai Luoluo didn’t watch him for several days. To Bai Nianjin.

Bai Luoluo was a little anxious, so he had to squat for a few more days.

Three or four days later, Bai Luoluo waited until eleven o’clock in the evening. It was completely dark. Seeing that Bai Nianjin had no intention of coming back, he had to tremble because the snow on his body was about to go home.

However, when Bai Luoluo passed through the dark alley, he faintly heard the sound of fine footsteps. The footsteps on the snow were too soft. When Bai Luoluo walked behind Bai Luoluo, Bai Luoluo reacted. He was about to turn around, but his neck was strangled directly from behind. Then another person punched him hard in the stomach, Bai Luoluo bends over in pain, then his mouth was tightly covered, and his hands were pressed behind him.

Bai Luoluo: “Um…” His first reaction was that someone was about to rob, and there were two looters, and he didn’t even notice it for a while and couldn’t react.

This alley is very dark, and in the snowy night, there are naturally few people passing by. Bai Luoluo coughed and was pressed to the ground, praying that these people were just asking for money.

After overwhelming Bai Luoluo, the person who pressed Bai Luoluo from behind quickly reached into Bai Luoluo’s trouser pocket and took out Bai Luoluo’s wallet.

Bai Luoluo’s heart loosened, thinking that since this person is asking for money, he should spend his wealth and eliminate disasters. But when he just thought about it, a beam of light hit his face.

The other man standing next to him smiled dullly and squeezed Bai Luoluo’s chin and said, “The long one is not bad.”

Bai Luoluo instantly got a cold back.

The person who was pressing Bai Luoluo also stretched out his hand, twisted Bai Luoluo’s face back, and illuminated Bai Luoluo’s face with his mobile phone. “Yes,” the man said.

In the world that Bai Luoluo lives in, both men and women can get married, so occasionally news of men being raped/raped in the newspapers, but Bai Luoluo never thought that he would encounter this kind of thing one day.

“Just do it here?” The man standing in front of Bai Luoluo bent down and looked at Bai Luoluo’s face carefully. His eyes were wet and sticky, making people want to disgust.

Bai Luoluo tried to struggle, but was kicked in the stomach. The person with this kick didn’t have any strength, Bai Luoluo who kicked breathlessly, his eyes turned black, and he almost fainted.

“What move?” The man sneered, “Believe it or not, just fuck you here?”

“It’s too cold here.” The person who pressed Bai Luoluo from behind, opened Bai Luoluo’s clothes with his hand, and touched Bai Luoluo’s back along Bai Luoluo’s waist. His hands were cold and hard, but he rubbed him heavily on Bai Luoluo’s soft and smooth back, so Bai Luoluo almost didn’t vomit.

“Then take it with you.” The standing humanity said, “Anyway, there is no one. Drag to the car and find a place where there is no one.”

“Okay.” The person who pressed Bai Luoluo began to exert force, and the two lifted one side, regardless of Bai Luoluo’s struggle, trying to drag him to the side of the road at the end of the alley.

Bai Luoluo’s energy for breastfeeding has been used, but this body is just a teacher who doesn’t exercise much. He hardly needs any strength. His struggle is getting softer and weaker, but he left the car and stopped in the alley. The black car at the intersection is getting closer.

When it was over, Bai Luoluo’s forehead was filled with cold sweat, he thought desperately, he was going to explain here today.

The system voice suddenly rang: “Don’t be afraid, I called someone for you!”

Bai Luoluo wondered who you called, did you call the police uncle? Just when Bai Luoluo thought so, a figure ran out of the small alley. The small figure, but as if fearlessly, ran towards this side.

“It’s on fire!! It’s on fire!! Everyone, run away!!” The people who ran over yelled as they rushed towards this side, still clutching a dazzling ** in their hands.

When the person came under the street lamp, Bai Luoluo saw his face clearly, the person in the system was actually Bai Nianjin – he didn’t know whether he should be happy or worried.

“It’s on fire!! Everyone, run away!!!” Bai Nianjin yelled, and the surrounding residents turned on one lamp after another. Although it is dilapidated, the population is also very dense, and soon people will start to start. Go downstairs to see if there is a fire.

“Let him go!!” Bai Nianjin stood in front of Bai Luoluo, like a desperate warrior. He gasped hard, his eyes were red, and he gritted his teeth, “Believe it or not, I stabbed you? A minor sa. But it’s not against the law.”

The two robbers did not expect to kill such a person halfway, and one of them said angrily: “Are you looking for death? Little bastard!!”

Bai Nianjin said coldly: “I stabbed one to death and earn one, you come and try?”

I don’t know if the decisiveness in Bai Nianjin’s tone shocked them. The two looked at each other and heard the noise around them getting louder and louder. They felt that there was no need to make matters worse. Xia Bai Luoluo got into the car and drove away.

Bai Luoluo fell softly to the ground, coughing unceasingly, and there was a little blood in his saliva.

Bai Nianjin made sure that the two had gone far, and then walked to Bai Luoluo one step at a time.

“Teacher, teacher.” Bai Nianjin’s eyes were red, he put Bai Luoluo into his arms, and began to cry silently, and said, “Is there anything wrong with you? Did they hurt you—”

“I’m fine.” Bai Luoluo grinned reluctantly, and he said: “You scared me to death, what if they do it to you?”

Bai Nianjin said, “Even so, I can’t let them take you away.” He wiped away his tears, and he didn’t know where the strength came from. He actually carried Bai Luoluo, who was much heavier, on his back. He said, “Don’t be afraid, I will take you back, no one will want to hurt you, if anyone dares to hurt you, I will kill him.”

Bai Luoluo said dumbly: “It’s okay, you can help me, I can go…”

Bai Nianjin didn’t say a word, and abruptly carried Bai Luoluo upstairs and entered his home.

The light turned on, illuminating the room, Bai Luoluo now had the real sense of his escape. He looked at Bai Nianjin, who had been silently crying, and couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to put the child in his arms and patted him. “Stop crying, the teacher is okay.”

Bai Nianjin didn’t say a word, just grabbed the clothes on Bai Luoluo’s back, but couldn’t stop tears. He really didn’t dare to think about what would happen to his teacher if he didn’t come back today. And there is obviously only one reason for his teacher’s presence here-to find him.

Bai Nianjin has never really hated her weakness.


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