FPL Chapter 21

Mother Luoluo said sincerely after hearing the words: “If you feel that the person is good, you must take good care of it. Some people miss it, and then they are gone.

Bai Luoluo discovered for the first time that his mother has such a sentimental side. Two seconds before he was moved, he heard his mother continue to say: “Look at Chen Wenwen, who went to elementary school with you downstairs. Children can drink soy sauce. .”

Bai Luoluo: “…” This urge to marry is really hard to guard against.

However, Bai Luoluo was quite relieved that the bonus for his second world mission quickly arrived. Although the evaluation of the mission was b, the subsidy amount was actually a little more than the previous world.

When Bai Luoluo saw his bonus, he thought it was wrong, and called the Finance Department to ask.

“That’s right.” The cashier from the finance department checked Bai Luoluo’s salary records and said, “That’s so much.”

Bai Luoluo said: “So…”

The teller sister said: “Haven’t you done a few tasks? These subsidies are automatically calculated by the system. The amount is as much as it is, and it is basically not wrong.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Oh, that’s good, I’ll trouble you.”

The lady teller said: “You are welcome, please call if you have any questions in the future, don’t be afraid of trouble.”

Bai Luoluo said yes.

After receiving his salary, Bai Luoluo deposited his subsidy on another passbook. It was an account he opened after graduating from university. He had to deposit more or less part of the money every month to use his mother. In other words, that is Bai Luoluo’s wife Ben.

Bai Luoluo saved the money and seriously locked the passbook in the drawer. He thought happily that after saving more, he could pay the down payment for the house. When he had a house, he would be serious again. Asking for a daughter-in-law, it seems that life is really interesting.

The task is to fast for two days. When Bai Luoluo arrived at the unit, he entered the restroom allocated to him.

After taking a shower and changing special clothes, Bai Luoluo went to the Transit Department after signing in to his department.

“Luo Luo, are you going to work today?” There are not many people in the entire department of the agency. So although the departments are different, they almost all know each other. As soon as Bai Luoluo entered the unit, someone greeted Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo said: “Yes.”

The man smiled and said, “Thank you…”

Bai Luoluo smiled and said, “No need to be polite.”

While chatting with his colleagues, he went to the Transit Department, where the dormant warehouse was ready.

Bai Luoluo has entered the mission world for the third time, so he has become more proficient. He lay in the dormant cabin, put on the equipment, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

The mechanical sound of the system awakened Bai Luoluo in his ears. Bai Luoluo opened his eyes and saw a very ordinary bedroom.

It’s really very ordinary, ordinary decoration, ordinary furniture, there is nothing surprising, it is like Bai Luoluo has not crossed. The cold voice of the system rang again: “Do you accept the original World Line related materials?”

Bai Luoluo said: “Accept.”

When his words fell, pictures appeared in his mind. After he had watched the whole plot, his heart was instantly ignited with unspeakable anger-in fact, every time he came to the new world, he would get angry because the body he was wearing was really scumbag.

Bai Luoluo in this world is called Li Hansheng, and he is a teacher.

It stands to reason that what the teacher did was teaching and educating people, but Li Hansheng was ashamed of being a teacher. Li Hansheng is now a class teacher in the first year of high school, and the protagonist of this world is in his class.

The protagonist of this world is named Bai Nianjin, whose name is a good name. Unfortunately, his life is not good.

He was born as an illegitimate child. His mother was beautiful when she was young, thinking that her mother would marry a wealthy family with her son. It’s just that reality is not a novel. How can a rich family be so entertaining? The local tyrant who supported his mother did not waver when he knew the existence of Bai Nianjin, and even threatened his mother to kill them if he made trouble again.

Bai Nianjin’s mother was not well-educated. She had no other skills and found that simple work was too tiring. So she started a skin and meat business. After she graduated from Bai Nianjin elementary school, she became drugged.

Such a family background, coupled with a small body, Bai Nianjin had been bullied since he was a child. The environment that grew up made him gloomy and surly, and other classmates dislike him very much.

Li Hansheng, who Bai Luoluo wore, didn’t like Bai Nianjin either, but he didn’t show it directly either. His face was treated equally, but secretly he deliberately made something to toss Bai Nianjin.

Bai Nianjin was young and didn’t see Li Hansheng’s sinister intentions. Instead, he felt that this teacher was very gentle. Those who came and went, unexpectedly developed different thoughts about Li Han.

But after a blunder, Li Hansheng knew Bai Nianjin’s thoughts, and at the same time he was full of disgust for Bai Nianjin when he was proud. If that was the case, then he could only be counted as a scumbag. But what he did next made Bai Luoluo spurned to the extreme.

After learning about Bai Nianjin’s thoughts, Li Hansheng actually began to instill in Bai Nianjin that liking men is a perverted idea. He did not say it directly, but subtly instilled this idea into Bai Nianjin, and then looked at Bai Nianjin condescendingly. He  is struggling with pain. Then something happened. In short, Li Hansheng participated in it. In the end, Bai Nianjin ended up with a disabled leg.

As for Li Hansheng, after Bai Nianjin became disabled, he actually found a woman to get married. When he got married, he also invited Bai Nianjin to make him happy at the wedding.

After reading it, Bai Luoluo became furious and said: “This person is no longer a scum, but a ash!”

This system should be a newcomer. Hearing Bai Luoluo’s words, he responded: “Yes.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Hello, I am new here to do the task, what system number are you?”

The system is still a mechanical sound, but Bai Luoluo sounds a little different. It said: “I am a five-seven-nine.”

Bai Luoluo breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that fortunately, it wasn’t the system that hurt each other with him in the last world.

The system said: “What’s your name?”

Bai Luoluo said: “My name is Bai Luoluo.”

The atmosphere was suddenly quiet for a moment, and then Bai Luoluo heard: “Oh.”

Bai Luoluo: “…Why do you sigh.”

The system said: “Did I sigh? I didn’t.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Why does he have a bad premonition?

But the system did not talk to Bai Luoluo, but told Bai Luoluo to go to bed and go to work tomorrow.

Bai Luoluo didn’t think much, slowly climbed onto the bed, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, Bai Luoluo got up early, and after breakfast, he went to buy more than a dozen big meat buns and put them in the bag on the front frame of the bicycle.

The courses of high school students are very tight. Although Bai Luoluo is only the class teacher in the first year of high school, the students in the class have begun to ask for early self-study at 6:30 in the morning.

It was a bit cold this day, Bai Luoluoha’s breath turned into white mist, getting up was even more torture, especially for students who sleep a lot.

Bai Luoluo rode to the school, parked the car, and went to the classroom to take a look.

The classroom was opened, and the fluorescent lights inside were bright. Bai Luoluo saw that there were already several students sitting in it to review their homework, among them Bai Nianjin.

Bai Nianjin knew that her family was not well, so she studied desperately to change her living condition. It’s a pity that in the eyes of other classmates, he was just a weird kid with a dirty body and a bad personality.

Children are more innocent than adults, but sometimes they are more cruel than adults.

Bai Luoluo recalled the world line, reached out and knocked on the door.

When the children in the room heard Bai Luoluo’s knock on the door, they all raised their heads and called for Teacher Li.

Bai Luoluo said, “Have you all had breakfast?”

Some kids replied that they have.

Bai Luoluo said again: “Teacher buys more breakfast. Can you help the teacher eat more?”

The extroverted children in the class smiled and said okay, thank you, Teacher Li.

So Bai Luoluo took out the steaming buns and sent two to the child.

This steamed bun is quite real, with a thin skin and big filling. They must have enough to eat two. Bai Luoluo finally gave the bag and the remaining steamed buns to Bai Nianjin, and said with a smile: “Bai Nianjin, eat buns.”

Bai Nianjin lowered her head and said in a small voice thank you, Teacher Li.

Bai Luoluo said: “What are you polite with the teacher?”

He did not show any particular preference for Bai Nianjin, turned around and walked out.

The real Bai Nianjin was thinner than what Bai Luolu saw in the system. It was so cold this day, wearing a thin cotton coat inside and a baggy school uniform outside. The hair is not trimmed, the long one can cover the eyes, and the whole person is showing a gloomy breath.

Such children seem to be excluded from the normal social circle no matter which school they are placed in. But if he hadn’t met Li Hansheng, maybe only the school days would be a shadow for him. Instead of living in the shadows for a lifetime like the original world.

When Bai Luoluo walked outside the door, he glanced at the classroom behind him again. He saw that Bai Nianjin got the steaming bun in the classroom, and he was holding it in his hand, nibbling it, his hands that were already red with cold also warmed up. Seeing this scene, Bai Luoluo’s heart was slightly relaxed, but he didn’t look much, and turned away.

At the moment there was no one in the office. After Bai Luoluo entered, he boiled a pot of water and soaked some tea, and he warmed himself.

Fortunately, the subject Li Hansheng teaches is Chinese. If you change to another one, Bai Luoluo will only have to rely on the system to open and hang up.

The system has a complete skill complement function, and can manipulate the host’s body when necessary. For example, Bai Luoluo used the system to practice martial arts in the last world. So even if Bai Luoluo doesn’t become a teacher, he doesn’t have to worry about misleading his children. After all, systematic teaching is definitely more reliable than Li Hansheng.

Bai Luoluo sat and read the book for a while, and little snow began to float outside the window, and the teachers in the office came one after another.

Someone greeted Bai Luoluo, saying that Teacher Li came so early today.

Bai Luoluo grumbled and said with a smile: “Can’t sleep, just come to school.”

The human said: “Oh, I can’t sleep either. Didn’t I just get the results of the monthly exam yesterday? This group of bastards will give me so many mistakes after the final exam.”

Bai Luoluo said, “It’s probably not serious, but you have to talk about them.”

The man nodded, poured a cup of hot water, and sat down opposite Bai Luoluo.

There are a total of four teachers in this office, plus physics, three men and one woman. The atmosphere looks good at first, but Bai Luoluo feels a bit inexplicably excluded. But this feeling is not so obvious, Bai Luoluo didn’t think much about it. He had two classes this morning and was free in the afternoon after finishing.

In the past few days, the monthly test results have just come down, and the teachers of all subjects are busy checking the omissions and filling the vacancies.

When Bai Luoluo sat in front of his desk, he thought that it would be interesting to wear it like this. After all, how many people would have the opportunity to try other people’s lives. He was a prince, now he is a teacher, and he has a lot more life experience than others.

Bai Luoluo was thinking, suddenly a small sound rang in his mind. He was taken aback and said, “System, what’s wrong with you?”

After listening to the voice for a while, the system said: “It’s not good.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Isn’t it possible that he has auditory hallucinations.

After being quiet for less than five minutes, the fine noise rang again. Now Bai Luoluo heard clearly. He said, “…What are you doing?”

The system said: “What did you do?”

Bai Luoluo thought for a while, and finally remembered what the voice was, he said angrily: “Fuck, are you eating melon seeds in my head?”

System: “…There is no dear, you heard the wrong dear.”

Bai Luoluo said: “You bullied me for reading less?”

System: “Kiss, you really heard it wrong, our system never sucks melon seeds.”

Bai Luoluo: “Can you speak well?”

The system said: “I just eat melon seeds, you complain to me.”

Bai Luoluo was struck by thunder, and the first thought that came to his mind was that he was a system that missed the previous world. Well, he missed the first world in the second world, and missed the second in the third world. In this world, I don’t know what kind of weird auxiliary systems we will encounter in the next world.

The system was still aggrieved and said: “We are boring as the system.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Fucking data can still eat melon seeds? Show me what the seeds look like?” Then he flashed before his eyes, and a pink bag appeared with a string of English letters written on it. Bai Luoluo carefully looked at the numbers and found that it was actually a series of procedures.

The system said: “Hey, like this, strawberry flavor.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” He actually wants to taste strawberry seeds.

The system said: “Okay, okay, I’m not talking, don’t complain to me.”

For the first time, Bai Luoluo began to think about whether these systems were pretending to be people.

The system seemed to have noticed what he was thinking, and then clarified it, saying: “Don’t think too much, we have nothing to do with human beings. Take a good look at the language books, be good.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” My forehead hurts.

The system is no longer eating melon seeds. Bai Luoluo can also read the book with peace of mind. The language textbooks in this world are a little different from the world he lives in. The stories written are quite interesting. Bai Luoluo reads with gusto and feels like he is reading The story will be.

After watching it for a while, he began to try to prepare his own lesson plans again. Although there is a system to help, it’s interesting to try more things that he can’t.

Just killing the time in the afternoon, Bai Luoluo saw the snow heavier outside.

“It’s cold when it snows.” A teacher in the office said, “The snow came early this year, it looks very cold.”

“Then let the children don’t wear school uniforms.” Bai Luoluo said, “Don’t freeze.”

When he said this, the other teachers all stole surprised eyes at him. Although Li Hansheng looked empathetic in front of the students, how could they not understand Li Hansheng’s behavior as teachers. So when I heard Bai Luoluo’s words, I was a little surprised. After all, when Li Hansheng led the class last year, he forced the students to wear school uniforms when the temperature dropped below zero. After all, school uniforms are part of the performance pay.

Bai Luoluo also didn’t respond to their surprise, so he just said it.

When he announced the news in the classroom in the afternoon, the entire class was very excited. They were all fifteen or sixteen-year-olds. Who didn’t want to wear them beautifully and eye-catchingly. This school uniform is worn all year round. It is a good thing to be able to take it off.

Bai Luoluo originally thought that not wearing school uniforms would allow Bai Nianjin to wear more thick clothes, but what he didn’t expect was that as soon as he announced the news, Bai Nianjin glanced at his brows slightly, and his shoulders became even stronger.

Bai Luoluo was stunned for a while, and then realized that he seemed to be ignoring something. He tightened his right hand and said nothing, announcing the end of get out of class.

From the evening self-study of high school to nine o’clock in the evening, Bai Luoluo got off work early and slipped on his bike.

The system said: “What are you doing?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Buy something.”

The system said: “What to buy?”

Bai Luoluo said: “Buy clothes.”

The system said: “I thought you were buying melon seeds.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” How much do you like melon seeds.

He stepped on the pedals all the way forward, then went to the nearest clothing store and bought two down jackets and a few sweaters. The system then understood what Bai Luoluo was going to do.

After Bai Luoluo finished buying, he went to Bai Nianjin’s house again following the route in his memory.

The place where Bai Nianjin lives is also relatively remote. There are illegally built small sheds everywhere. Bai Luoluo, an adult who walks in a dark tunnel, feels a little frightened and does not know how he is a child who is still under adulthood. Down.

As he walked, Bai Luoluo chatted with the system and asked whether they had a salary and what were the benefits.

The system said: “We used to be miserable, but then we established a system to establish the ai rights protection association, and later improved the relevant laws, and gradually got better.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Ah, so inspirational.”

The system said: “No, I’m a new system, so I only know from history… well…”

Bai Luoluo said, “Oh, it’s not easy for everyone.”

The system said: “Yes, so can I eat melon seeds?”

Bai Luoluo: “…” How did he feel that the system’s gentle tone was just for asking the last sentence.

The system and Bai Luoluo talked about some things, the development history of the system, the protection of ai rights, and the spicy chicken hosts that I encountered in those years.

Bai Luoluo didn’t say a word, but the system that had urged him in the last world appeared in his mind.

The system said: “By the way, which system did you encounter in the last world?”

Bai Luoluo said: “It seems to be called Ba Er…I don’t remember.”

The system said: “How do you feel about him?”

Bai Luoluo said: “It’s okay.”

The system said: “Haha.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Is it his illusion? Why did he hear the cold taste from the laughter?

Before Bai Luoluo had time to think about it, he had already reached the door of Bai Nianjin’s house.

He walked a few steps, put the bag in his hand at the door of Bai Nianjin’s house, and then looked inside again. The room was dark and there was obviously no one. Bai Luoluo pressed his lips and went downstairs.

Because he was afraid that Bai Nianjin would not accept clothes, he also deliberately added a small note in it, saying that these clothes were not available to him, hoping to help Bai Nianjin, and expressed his envy of Bai Nianjin’s results. You have to work hard to catch up with Bai Nianjin’s results.

Bai Luoluo has also been a teenager, and what he fears most is that Bai Nianjin rejects the kindness of others because of his pride.

But Bai Luoluo seemed to worry too much, because the next day Bai Nianjin put on the clothes Bai Luoluo gave him. Bai Luoluo didn’t know the size of Bai Nianjin’s clothes, so he just bought it. Unexpectedly, he bought it. Bai Luoluo looked thinner and thinner in the down jacket he bought, especially the small face with a big palm. Junior high school students.

Bai Luoluo still brought breakfast to the students today. Any student who has a good relationship with him also joked that the teacher would bring breakfast in the future.

Bai Luoluo also smiled and replied: “Yes, but don’t tell others, come and eat quietly.”

The few students present all laughed, only the Bai Nianjin in the corner seemed incompatible with everyone.

Bai Luoluo knew that some things could not be changed overnight, so he was not in a hurry and wanted to take his time.

After the results of this monthly test, Li Hansheng’s class did a good job. Their class was the top class in the grade, and those who came in were all devoted to studying.

Bai Nianjin’s grades have always been stable. This time, he also won the top 50 of the grade as usual. In their school, Bai Nianjin’s grade is enough to get into the best school in China.

But in the original world line where Bai Luoluo didn’t come, Bai Nianjin didn’t even pass the college entrance examination, and went to work after graduating from high school.

Bai Luoluo sometimes really hates Li Hansheng, saying that the teacher is tireless in teaching others, and this bastard is completely tireless.

The system also comforted Bai Luoluo and said: “Don’t hate yourself, let me come.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Why is this system becoming more and more familiar, and the empathy a few days ago was turned into melon seeds and vomited away?


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