Chapter 20

Bai Luoluo lay on the bed and told the system that he was no longer good.

The system says, baby what’s wrong with you.

Bai Luoluo said, “I treat him as a brother, but he wants to do me.”

The system said, “Do you really treat him as a brother?”

Bai Luoluo was quiet for a while, crying hoarsely, “Yes, I didn’t treat him as a brother.”

System, “Huh?”

Bai Luoluo said, “I treat him as a son…”

System: “…”

Then, one person and one system fell into endless silence.

Finally, Bai Luoluo said, “I don’t know how long I can support it.”

The system says, “Support until you feel that your subsidy can reach five figures.”

Subsidies are the last source of power for Bai Luoluo’s life. If he hadn’t been for subsidies, he would have soared into a fairy, and he would have been ruined like this.

After wiping away the tears, Bai Luoluo had made a decision in his heart. He rolled over, changed a posture that made his butt more comfortable and fell asleep faintly.

There are some things that cannot be delayed. Bai Luoluo deeply felt his fear of Mao Jiu. He felt that if he dragged on, some things would really be irretrievable, such as his brother’s life, such as the life of Wang Xin. Another example is the fire of socialism in his heart.

Bai Luoluo said, “I must act.”

The system said, “What are you going to do?”

Bai Luoluo stretched out his hand to touch his heart, his tone was solemn, and he said, “I want to save the world!”

System, “Be more specific?”

Bai Luoluo got up from the bed and said excitedly, “Suicide!”

System, “…” Your method of saving the world is a bit unique.

Bai Luoluo felt that the peak of his IQ in his life was the year when he was tested for civil servants. After the exam, he was basically a useless person, and his mother complained that he was stupid every day. He thought that after he could work, he didn’t need to do too much brainstorming things, but he didn’t think about how many ups and downs in his life, he actually did such a brainstorming career.

Bai Luoluo said, “After thinking about it, it seems that only my death can end all this and awaken the love in Mao Jiu’s heart.”

The system didn’t say anything, he wanted to see how Bai Luoluo was still trying to toss. Judging from the degree to which Mao Jiu spoils Bai Luoluo, Bai Luoluo seems to be forgiven no matter how unreasonably made trouble, oh, it’s the worst.

Bai Luoluo said, “What do you think of me?”

The system pondered for a long time, and said a sentence that directly hit Bai Luoluo’s mind. He said, “Baby, you don’t have to say that you want to give up a failed mission so deeply.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

The system said, “Go, after all, I am not paying you.”

Bai Luoluo, “…Sigh.” I don’t know how much subsidies will be deducted for self-killing.

However, even though the money was to be deducted, Bai Luoluo strengthened his belief. After thinking about it, he found a genius doctor on the grounds that he was unwell.

When the genius doctor came, Mao Jiu was going up, so he didn’t guard Bai Luoluo either.

Bai Luoluo asked the genius doctor to check his pulse, while euphemistically inquiring about the conditions for changing his heart.

The genius doctor thought he was worried about his elder brother, so he didn’t care too much. He said that the most important condition is that the two must be related by blood, and the person being replaced must be physically strong, otherwise, there is a high probability of failure after the heart change.

Bai Luoluo blinked his eyes and looked at the genius doctor, and said, “Then… if the person being replaced is dead…”

The genius doctor raised his eyes and glanced at Bai Luoluo, and said, “It’s okay within an hour.”

Bai Luoluo almost clapped his legs and laughed.

The magician said, “Of course, if it is possible, it is better to live.”

Bai Luoluo listened in his ears and remembered it in his heart.

Seeing his appearance, the genius doctor said, “Why, the emperor is going to kill the king of faith?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Ah…no.”

The genius doctor looked down and said in a flat tone, “The king believes that I am only a general acquaintance. I only agreed with him because he saved my life. However, he is obsessed with the emperor, and he is willing to give up his heart. Give it to.”

Bai Luoluo found that the genius doctor seemed unsuspecting against him, but he appeared very cautious in front of Mao Jiu.

Bai Luoluo said, “Why are you telling me?”

The magical doctor said, “It’s nothing, just thinking that if you want to take the life of the king of faith, it’s best to let me do it. This kind of heart is freshest.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Seeing that Bai Luoluo stopped talking, the genius doctor took out paper and pen to prescribe some medicine to Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo said, “What do you prescribe medicine for?”

The genius doctor took a deep look at Bai Luoluo and said, “The prince’s kidney deficiency is so severe that it is better to make up.”

Bai Luoluo’s face turned red. How could he not know what the genius doctor meant? It meant that he was over-indulgent…

After the pharmacy was opened, the genius doctor was about to get up and leave. Bai Luoluo thought for a while, and then called him to let him prescribe some sleeping pills for him, saying that he sometimes had nightmares, palpitations, cold sweats, and restless sleep.

The genius doctor didn’t say much. He took out a vial from his arms and told Bai Luoluo, “Don’t take this medicine too much. If you take too much, you will sleep deeply.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Hi, thank you.”

The genius doctor got up and saluted Bai Luoluo, and then went out.

Bai Luoluo opened the vial and found that it was filled with brown powder, put it in his nose and sniffed it, but could not smell the medicine.

Bai Luoluo felt that the genius doctor was unfathomable, as if he knew what was in his mind.

After Maojiu came back, knowing that Bai Luoluo had hired a genius doctor, he asked a few questions, but Bai Luoluo fooled him.

Mao Jiu warmly asked Bai Luoluo whether his waist was sour or not, and what dishes he wanted to eat at night.

Bai Luoluo looked at him vigilantly, and said, “The genius doctor said that I want to maintain my body and not to indulge.”

Mao Jiu smiled and said, “What are you afraid of, I won’t move you every day.”

Bai Luoluo thought to himself that there is no trust between us, I don’t believe what you say…

After eating, Bai Luoluo added some medicine to his soup, and Mao Jiu asked what the medicine was. Bai Luoluo said it was a good sleep aid. Because his movements were too calm, Mao Jiu didn’t take the medicine to heart. After all, Bai Luoluo’s sleep quality at night seemed to be a bit poor.

After a few days, Bai Luoluo almost understood the dosage of this medicine. Medicine in this world is really developing brightly, and major operations like heart exchange can be performed, not to mention sleep-relieving medicine.

Bai Luoluo originally wanted to make preparations in his heart, and to spend a few more days before proceeding with his own plan. How did he know that Mao Jiu suddenly mentioned that he would kill King Xin.

“Why did you mention this suddenly?” Bai Luoluo was taken aback while drinking soup.

Mao Jiu said indifferently, “Your emperor brother has been sleeping in the ice coffin for a long time. I have asked the genius doctor and said that if it is delayed, I am afraid it will be bad for the heart.”

Bai Luoluo glanced at his eyebrows, “Xin Wang said he was willing?”

Mao Jiu said, “He was already a man of guilt when he launched a mutiny, and I also asked him about this matter, and he said he was willing.”

Bai Luoluo stirred the soup in his hand and said all right.

Mao Jiu didn’t expect Bai Luoluo to respond so straightforwardly. It was a bit strange. He said, “The master has nothing to say?”

Bai Luoluo said, “What did I say is useful?”

Mao Jiu said, “Nature is useful.”

Bai Luoluo’s lips moved, and then he remembered the phrase “Master, I lied to you.” Still did not say anything-there was no trust between him and Mao Jiu, only a pure relationship.

Bai Luoluo: If possible, I hope that the * relationship will not be left.

Because Mao Jiu suddenly said that he would kill King Xin, Bai Luoluo was forced to speed up his plan.

One day, in the middle of the night, thick clouds covered the stars, and there was thunder roaring in the sky.

Mao Jiu lay beside Bai Luoluo, his breath calm and seemed to have fallen asleep.

Bai Luoluo slowly got up from the bed, using his head to reflect light…oh no, using the faint light of the candle, walked to the desk.

He sat down with a solemn expression and picked up the brush and inkstone on the side.

Grinding, picking up a pen, Bai Luoluo wrote four words on the letter: Show the letter and open face.

The system already knows what Bai Luoluo wants to do, and said, “Is it inappropriate for you to write these four words?”

Bai Luoluo said innocently, “But when I took the exam, I wrote the letters like this.”

System; “…Well, you just have to be happy.”

Bai Luoluo’s pen paused. After thinking about it, he felt that the system seemed to make sense, so he rubbed the paper and changed two words: spread the letter and don’t cry.

System; “…” It’s not as good as damn it.

Since Bai Luoluo can write the four words “Don’t cry” in the exhibition letter, it shows that what he has to do is probably too much.

Bai Luoluo added some more ink and continued to write, Mao Jiu, hello, I was probably dead when you read this letter, so this should be my suicide note.

He hesitated after writing this sentence, and then asked the system, “Does the suicide note count as a kind of faith?”

System, “…you just write it obediently, regardless of whether it is or not, you are going to die anyway.”

Bai Luoluo thought for a while, felt that this was the truth, so he boldly continued to write.

In the letter, Bai Luoluo angrily denounced Mao Jiu’s actions, saying that he was going to be arrested by the government, and said that Mao Jiu you really don’t understand love. If you like someone, you are good to him. Take off your pants if you don’t agree.

After cursing a few more words, Bai Luoluo changed his tone after being satisfied, saying that even so, he didn’t blame him, let him pass the past. But I am dedicated to the Buddha, so I want to dedicate my body and spirit to the Buddha…

The system looked at the content written by Bai Luoluo, thinking that God is fucking focused on the Buddha, and he also wanted to see Mao Jiu’s expression when he saw Bai Luoluo’s letter.

As Bai Luoluo wrote and wrote, he was also a little emotional, saying that he did not have any feelings for Mao Jiu, but he raised Mao Jiu as a son, and there was no love between men. Although Mao Jiu did too much to him, he can forgive him, but his tainted body can’t go back…

System, “…” It hurts how to break Mao Jiu.

Bai Luoluo wrote about the emotional point, raised his hand to wipe away a tear from the corner of his eye, and continued to write, saying that his body is not clean, but he still needs to keep his soul highly pure, so he chose to leave this world, hoping that Mao Jiu will not Too sad, to be the emperor, and to follow the path of socialism correctly.

The system felt very hot when seeing this, and felt that Bai Luoluo was probably thinking that he was leaving anyway, so he simply gave up the treatment and let himself go crazy in the letter.


Bai Luoluo finally wrote to the point, saying that his imperial brother and Xinwang are probably a pair of fateful mandarin ducks. After he died, he exchanged his heart for his imperial brother, and said to the emperor that his heart was for believing in the king. Brother Huang is willing to live with Xinwang, let them stay and fly together. He also repeatedly told Mao Jiu not to offend others, other people are innocent, he only chose to sit down after seeing through this filthy world.

Almost written, Bai Luoluo asked what the system felt.

The system said, “I’m afraid he will fuck you alive after seeing the letter.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” He swallowed, shaking his hands and adding a paragraph after his death, saying that after he died, he hoped that Mao Jiu would treat his body well. After the burn, the dust will return to the dust. Don’t Do unforgivable things.

Bai Luoluo said, “What about now?”

The system said, “Oh.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” He was so flustered.

But he opened the bow without turning his head back, anyway, he also left, and Bai Luoluo couldn’t stop Mao Jiuzhen from doing anything irreversible.

After thinking about this, Bai Luoluo wrote a few more words, let Mao Jiu live well, life is still very good.

After writing the letter, and waiting for the ink to dry, Bai Luoluo touched Mao Jiu’s side and found out his dagger.

Bai Luoluo said, “System, please trouble me.”

The system said, “Poke it.” He blocked Bai Luoluo’s pain.

Bai Luoluo looked at Mao Jiu’s sleeping face, and his heart was completely calm. He thought, probably there is no subsidy this time, but the day will pass… He has to continue to work hard to save the house and marry a wife, and he and Mao Jiu never had a chance to meet again.

Bai Luoluo thought for a while, leaned forward and pressed Jiaojiu’s frowning brows with his hands, and said softly, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

After he said this, he took the dagger and swiped it against his neck, and his eyes instantly became dark.

About a few minutes after the black screen, Bai Luoluo’s eyes lighted up again, and a huge settlement panel appeared. On the panel was written Bai Luoluo’s comprehensive score for this task. He thought the world’s score would be e, f or something. Yes, I didn’t expect to get a b.

The system said, “Fuck, can this be b?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Fuck, I was just b last time.”

After a while, Bai Luoluo’s body opened his eyes in the dormant chamber, and there were some noisy voices from other people nearby.

“Are you awake? Are you awake?” Someone helped Bai Luoluo up, patted his forehead, and said, “What’s this? What’s this?”

Bai Luoluo became dizzy and said, “This…this is five.”

“Okay, not stupid.” The human said, “Congratulations, I did a good job this time.”

Bai Luoluo took a moment to realize that he had returned to his own world. He was still wearing special tights, and his body was covered with viscous nutrient solution.

“Luo Luo, rest for a while.” That humanity said.

Bai Luoluo sat in the dormant cabin for about fifteen minutes before standing up and saying, “I’m going to take a bath…”

The human said, “Okay, let’s go, the laundry and food are ready, can you go?”

Bai Luoluo said, “It’s okay, I can go.”

Then Bai Luoluo swayed into the next room, turned on the hot water and took a shower.

The hot water washed away the nutrient solution and made Bai Luoluo’s mind soberer. When returning from other worlds, there is always a fuzzy transition period. Just take a bath and eat something.

After taking a bath, Bai Luoluo changed into a bathrobe, then sat in the middle of the room and started eating a special nutritious meal.

Someone outside the room knocked gently on the door, and Bai Luoluo said and came in.

“Luo Luo, have you come out?” Bai Luoluo’s colleague named Li Qian came in. Although he is not in the same department as Bai Luoluo, he has a good relationship with him.

Bai Luoluo said, “Ah…I thought the mission failed, so I just logged out.” Logging out means to die in that world.

Li Qian said, “Failed? There is no failure, your task rating is b.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Ah, I didn’t expect it either.”

Li Qian smiled and said, “We were still saying you were unlucky when you entered. This task is particularly troublesome. Several colleagues log out as soon as they enter.”

These tasks are random, and the difficult and simple ones are likely to be encountered. It all depends on luck. Bai Luoluo once heard that there was a senior who was very lucky. He logged out as soon as he entered the world for more than a dozen times. It’s all weird.

Li Qian said, “You can take a good rest after you bookmark it. You look pretty tired.”

Bai Luoluo nodded, agreeing to Li Qian’s kindness.

The confirmation letter is a document that must be signed every time the mission comes out, proving that you have entered and have had an impact on the world.

After signing, Bai Luoluo fell asleep and fell asleep until noon the next day before waking up a little dazedly. After he woke up, the first thing he asked the system was to ask what time it was. After asking a few times, he didn’t hear the system’s response before realizing that he had left the mission world.

Bai Luoluo, “…” I haven’t heard the sound of the spicy chicken system for a while and I am a little uncomfortable.

He yawned, changed his clothes, and walked out of the house.

The other people in the department were busy, and saw Bai Luoluo greet him.

Bai Luoluo went to eat breakfast, then went to the leader’s office to approve the vacation.

After each task is completed, employees have a rest period of more than half a month, which is considered a good benefit, and there are more than 20 days of paid holidays at the end of each year, as well as year-end bonuses. The mental strength requirements are higher, and other aspects of welfare are very good.

When the leader saw Bai Luoluo, he smiled and said, “Xiao Luo is out? How about this time?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Not bad, it’s a b.”

The leader said, “You kid, it’s okay. I saw your bones in the first place, so I dug you over. You really didn’t disappoint me.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Leader, this is my holiday note.”

The leader took the note and signed it while saying, “You have a good rest, this task is more difficult, so let’s give you a few more holidays.”

Bai Luoluo was flattered and said, “Thank you for your leadership.”

The leader said, “Well, go, work hard.”

Bai Luoluo took the note and nodded, and went out.

What they did in each world is actually kept secret, unless something serious went wrong, they will be investigated afterward.

But Bai Luoluo heard from people in his department that all the people under investigation in the agency and the bureau counted them with one hand. Let Bai Luoluo not worry, it doesn’t matter if he makes waves in the world.

Bai Luoluo felt that Blind Lang seemed a bit sorry for his professional ethics at the time, but after passing through the world, he discovered that the person who was slapped was himself…

After receiving the fake slip, Bai Luoluo returned home.

He lived with his parents before and only moved back recently.

After buying an order at the supermarket downstairs, Bai Luoluo called home to report safety.

Bai Luoluo’s mother said on the phone, “It’s vacation? When will you go home?”

Bai Luoluo thought for a while and said, “Tomorrow, isn’t it Dad’s birthday.”

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Okay, then you will come back early tomorrow, and Mom will make you a good meal.”

Bai Luoluo answered and said okay, then he said a few words to his mother before hanging up the phone. He now works very close to his home, and can be there in two hours by car.

When Bai Luoluo arrived home, he washed the vegetables he bought, fried a few small dishes and started to eat. Although his life may sometimes feel a little lonely, Bai Luoluo still enjoys this time most of the time. of.

The next morning, Bai Luoluo got up from the bed early in the morning and hurried home.

When he got home, his mother had just gone out to sell vegetables, and his father and a few chess friends were playing chess under the grape trellis downstairs.

Bai Luoluo called out Dad.

“Back?” His father didn’t lift his head.

“Ah, I’m back.” Bai Luoluo smiled.

“Your mother bought you ducks.” His dad dropped a flag and said, “You have not come back and say every day that you want to make up for the stewed duck soup.”

“Okay, then I will go back first.” Bai Luoluo responded and went upstairs.

“Oh, it’s your son who is fighting.” Dad Luoluo’s chess friend exclaimed with admiration, “I was admitted to a civil servant after graduating from university, and he was filial…”

Dad Luoluo smiled and said, “Stop talking about this, play chess!”

The lunch at noon is very rich. Bai Luoluo has been drinking nutrient solution in the past few months. It is indeed a bit greedy. After three bowls of rice, he is ready to add a fourth bowl.

Mother Luo Luo felt distressed and said where did you go on this business trip?

Bai Luoluo said, “A place far away…” Because of the non-disclosure agreement, his mother didn’t know that he was lying in the dormant warehouse every day and going to other worlds.

Luo Luo’s mother sighed and said, “I think you have lost weight again. Every time you travel on business, I am especially worried about you. I am afraid that something will happen to you, alas.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Mom, don’t worry about me, I will be fine.”

He hiccuped a little, then dig a bowl of rice.

Seeing that the meal was almost finished, Luo Luo’s mother said, “Luo Luo, you think you are already twenty-six. Mom has a friend whose niece is about the same age as you…”

Bai Luoluo, “…” Well, here comes again.

Whenever he goes home, Bai Luoluo’s most feared thing is to urge the marriage, he said, “Mom, I’m still young.”

Luo Luo’s mother said, “It’s all twenty-six, what’s so small, not so small!”

Bai Luoluo, “Oh…”

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Don’t mind if Mom says it, you are twenty-six and you haven’t had a girlfriend yet.” She said, a little melancholy appeared between her eyebrows, her family Luo Luo is too obedient. I haven’t talked about love since I was young in Dalian, alas…

Bai Luoluo was also a little aggrieved, thinking that I was considered a premature love before going to university, so I got married a few years after I graduated from university.

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Do you still remember the boy who played with you very well when you were young?”

Bai Luoluo couldn’t remember a bit, and said, “Which one?”

Luo Luo’s mother said, “That’s it, that’s Qin Baichuan.”

Bai Luoluo thought for a while, didn’t remember, said, “Ah? Is there any?”

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Why not? You were crying and yelling to marry someone in the door. Only a few years later, you forgot about them.”

Bai Luoluo’s expression of chewing duck bones solidified when he heard his mother’s words, and he trembled, “Mom, what did you say?”

Ma Luo Luo blinked and said, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Luoluo said, “That Qin and Qin Baichuan, are they the one who comes to our house every day to eat milk popsicles with double ponytails…”

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Yes, do you remember that kid.”

When Bai Luoluo heard this, his tears almost fell, and he said, “Mom-isn’t he wearing girl clothes with flowers in his head? Why is he a boy?” In Bai Luoluo’s memory, his first love She is a cute little girl with a ponytail and a small skirt.

Luo Luo’s mother looked innocent, and said, “He is his youngest son, and his health is not good, so he was raised as a girl…what?”

Bai Luoluo showed the color of being unlovable, dying and said, “…No, it’s okay.”

He had never thought in his life that his first love was a girl with a big chicken.

Luo Luo’s mother, “It’s him. His mother wants to introduce you to someone. You haven’t been on a business trip, and I can’t contact you. Since you are back, why don’t you see you tomorrow?”

Bai Luoluo looked in a daze, and didn’t know what he said. It wasn’t until the next day that he was beaten up in bed by his mother, and he realized that he had actually agreed to his mother’s request.

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Today you have to dress up nicely and try to trick a little girl home.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Bai Luoluo is 1.82 meters tall and has fair skin. There is a small pear vortex on the right cheek. He has been good since he was a child, and he looks like a bully. For this reason, his mother took him to practice. After two years of boxing, isn’t the body particularly weak?

Bai Luoluo was tossed by his mother who had not kept the house, and left the house even more unconscious.

The place where Luo Luo’s appointment was made was a teahouse. In order to give the woman a good impression, she arrived at the place half an hour earlier.

Luo Luo’s mother said, “Luo Luo, if you are interested in girls, you have to behave well.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Yes.”

Luo Luo’s mother sighed, “You, everything is good, just too shy, a boy, courage, go chase if you like… If you have the shamelessness of your dad when he was young, it is estimated that the children are three Years old.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” Mom, did you say that to Dad.

The mother and son waited for a while, then waited for the blind date girl and the introducer.

However, there was a man who came with them. The man was very tall and wore a pair of sunglasses, but from the lower half of his face, he knew that he must be a good-looking man.

The introducer was an aunt Bai Luoluo knew. She smiled and said, “Luo Luo, this is Minmin, this is Minmin’s brother Qin Baichuan, didn’t you play together when you were young? He heard that the person I was going to introduce was You, just say let’s take a look.”


Qin Baichuan stretched out his hand and took off his sunglasses, revealing a particularly beautiful face, but there was no smile on this face, it looked a little cold, and he said, “Long time no see.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Long time no see…” Bai Luoluo was a little bit distressed. He really couldn’t understand why the little loli with two pony tails in his memory became the big man who was taller than him.


“I didn’t expect to see you after so many years.” Qin Baichuan’s attitude, if placed on others, would make people feel disgusted, but if he made it, it made people feel very natural, just like this person. It should be so high.

The introducer and Luo Luo’s mother were very witty and found an excuse to leave, saying to leave them young ones to chat.

Qin Baichuan said, “Let’s talk.”

Qin Min said helplessly, “Brother, how can we talk about you like this?”

Qin Baichuan said, “What can’t we talk about? Just treat it as if I’m not here.”

Qin Min said helplessly, “Didn’t you and Luo Luo know each other when you were young? Otherwise, you two have a chat?”

Qin Baichuan said, “Okay.”

Qin Min, “…” What she was talking about was angry, but she didn’t know that her brother responded so shamelessly.

Bai Luoluo was a little dazed throughout, but his appearance made Qin Min feel very cute. Qin Min smiled and said, “Luo Luo, do you really have no girlfriend?”

Bai Luoluo said, “No.”

Qin Baichuan said, “That’s good.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Qin Min, “…”

Qin Min said angrily, “Brother, is it you or me who came for a blind date?!”

Qin Baichuan said, “You look down on me.”

Qin Min was shocked by her brother’s shame, and Bai Luoluo was also shocked.

Qin Min patted the table and said, “Who said I didn’t look down on it, I think he is quite good—”

Qin Baichuan smiled but didn’t smile, “It’s pretty good what table you took.”

Qin Min almost didn’t mention it and was pissed off by her brother, but she was used to it a long time ago, so she quickly endured it, gritted her teeth, and said, “Hey, I know you want to piss me off on purpose, I can’t be fooled!”

Qin Baichuan didn’t speak, his hands slowly stirred the coffee on the table. Bai Luoluo felt a little funny when he saw the interaction between the two of them. The sadness of knowing that Qin Baichuan was a man before was diluted.


Qin Min asked Bai Luoluo some questions about his hobbies. Qin Baichuan drank coffee quietly and didn’t interrupt much. He just heard half of it, and he suddenly laughed softly.

Qin Min said, “What are you laughing at.”

Qin Baichuan said, “Luo Luo, you are too cute.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Huh?”

Qin Baichuan turned to Qin Min and said, “Do you think he has the word “behaved” on top of his head.”

Qin Min wanted to say that she didn’t think so, but she felt that she couldn’t be ignorant of her conscience. Bai Luoluo really looked so good. She had never seen such a cute boy since high school.

Qin Baichuan took a sip of coffee and said, “Luo Luo, where are you working now?”

Bai Luoluo said, “I work as a civil servant in a government agency…”

Qin Baichuan nodded and said nothing.

Qin Min glared at Qin Baichuan, then chatted with Bai Luoluo a little bit, and said, “I’m going to the bathroom, you guys talk first-Qin Baichuan, you speak to me a little longer.”

Qin Baichuan glanced at Qin Min coolly, and said, “Go with peace of mind.”

Qin Min just got up and left.

As soon as Qin Min left, Qin Baichuan’s first sentence to Bai Luoluo was, “Are you working in the agency and bureau?”

Bai Luoluo was a little surprised and said, “How do you know…”

Qin Baichuan said, “Oh, I guess.”

Bai Luoluo thought that this could still be guessed, but he always felt that Qin Baichuan was a bit unfathomable, so he took a sip of tea and didn’t answer.

Qin Baichuan said, “Luo Luo.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Huh?”

Qin Baichuan said, “Do you remember what you said to me when you were young?”

Bai Luoluo said, “…What are you talking about?”

Qin Baichuan said, “When you were a kid, you promised to marry me, so why did you come out for a blind date again?”

Bai Luoluo was stunned by Qin Baichuan’s words, his face flushed and he didn’t know how to answer, but Qin Baichuan smiled and said, “Silly Luoluo, I’m kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

Bai Luoluo wondered why this was a bit familiar…

Fortunately, Qin Min came back in time and said to Bai Luoluo vigilantly, “Luo Luo, did he bully you?”

Bai Luoluo said, “No no.”

Qin Min said, “If he bullies you, just tell me, I will sue my mother.”

Bai Luoluo wondered what bullying is…

The three of them chatted for a while, and finally exchanged communication methods before they broke up. Bai Luoluo took the initiative to check out. He felt that he needed to slow down. In his memory, his lovely first love and the big man who was a few meters and ninety meters in front of him were really The difference is so much that he is a little out of state…

After Bai Luoluo left, Qin Baichuan asked Qin Min, “How?”

Qin Min was absent and said, “Not bad.”

Qin Baichuan said, “If you don’t like it, leave it to me.”

Qin Min said with horror, “Brother, you are such a good boy, don’t mess with it.”

Qin Baichuan said, “I know how to measure.”

Seeing that Qin Min couldn’t persuade Qin Baichuan, he couldn’t help but develop a strong sympathy for Bai Luoluo. Her brother is really not easy to provoke.


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