FPL Chapter 16

Bai Luoluo was a Sichuanese man, the unpleasant type. Being locked in a temple for a whole year without eating chili is simply torture for him.

After being rescued by Mao Jiu, Bai Luoluo couldn’t take it because he still didn’t have any chili peppers.

He can’t bear it. Although Mao Jiu is a master on weekdays, he listened to what others say, and you want the moon in the sky to be picked by me. But when it comes to problems related to Bai Luoluo’s body, Never make any compromises.

So Bai Luoluo had to endure it for more than ten days before finally eating chili.

After returning, Bai Luoluo once quietly watched the Mao Jiu Dynasty.

That time, when a group of courtiers quarreled about the flood in the rainy season, Mao Jiu said with a faint expression, “Okay.” He let the courtiers rest.

“I have made up my mind about this matter.” Mao Jiu said, “If anyone is not satisfied, let’s take a better way.

When the other officials heard the words, they were all silent. This emperor was not as good-tempered as the previous emperors. When he became the throne, he left a deep impression on his officials.

After the dynasty, Mao Jiu in front of Bai Luoluo seemed to have recovered his harmless appearance when he was a shadow guard next to Bai Luoluo. He called the master, and he seemed to do all the good things for Bai Luoluo. , But for some reason, Bai Luoluo felt a little uneasy.

On this day, Bai Luoluo wanted to go out to find Mao Jiu, but was stopped by the palace man at the door.

“What about others?” Bai Luoluo asked.

Those two palace people just shook their heads without speaking.

Bai Luoluo glanced at his eyebrows and said, “You can’t speak?”

The palace man lowered his head and continued to shake his head slowly.

Seeing that they were reluctant to say anything to him, Bai Luoluo became a little angry, and said angrily, “Are you dumb? Only shaking his head?”

As soon as he uttered these words, he saw one of the palace servants raising his head timidly, and slightly opened his mouth to Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo saw an incomplete tongue from her mouth. Upon seeing this, Bai Luoluo quickly apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t know…”

Another palace person who was a little older, made a gesture to Bai Luoluo, and signaled Bai Luoluo to return to the house.

Bai Luoluo didn’t want to embarrass them either, and after a light sigh, he turned and went back to the house.

The environment of his house is good, what you want, there is a yard with a stream in the back, this hot summer, Mao Jiu is afraid that Bai Luo Luo is hot, and the ice bricks in the house have not been broken.

But even so, Bai Luoluo still felt a little flustered.

When Mao Jiu returned to the room, he saw Bai Luoluo who was fidgeting. He didn’t give any comfort but called people to bring a fresh cold product.

There are many kinds of cool products to cool off the heat in this world, and the glutinous rice cake that is placed in front of Bai Luoluo tastes very good.

Mao Jiu said, “Master, try it. These are the sweets that Yu Chuxin came up with. Didn’t you like sweets the most before?”

Bai Luoluo was unhappy, he said, “How long will you keep me locked?”

Mao Jiudao, “Naturally have to wait for the master’s hair to grow out…”

Bai Luoluo stretched out his hand and touched his head, and found that his forehead was still intact. He said, “Where is the genius doctor who treated my emperor brother? When can I find it?”

Mao Jiu sat down in front of Bai Luoluo and said with a faint expression, “I already have eyebrows, and in a few days, I should be able to find him.”

Bai Luoluo took a bite of dessert, and the anxiety in his heart calmed down a little. He originally wanted to mumble, but seeing Mao Jiu’s gentle expression, he didn’t say anything.

For some reason, being watched like this by Mao Jiu, he always felt like an unreasonable kid.

The days passed slowly for three months. In the meantime, Mao Jiu didn’t force Bai Luoluo anymore, but his words and actions were quite ambiguous. At first Bai Luoluo also resisted, but then slowly got used to it.

After three months, Bai Luoluo’s forehead also had some short hair stubble, and it felt very hairy to the touch. Mao Jiu likes to flick if he has nothing to do.

Bai Luoluo tells him to stop touching every time.

Mao Jiu made a good promise on his mouth, how to touch it next time, what Yin Feng Yang did was quite right.

Bai Luoluo said in a low voice, “I feel that Mao Jiu can’t be the successor to socialism.”

The system said, “Oh, let’s do everything by my fate.”

This person doesn’t feel very good in a system mood. After all, although he is usually persuaded, but the final rating of the task is too low, it is not good for both of them.

Just a few days later, seeing the weather also chilled.

One night, Bai Luoluo was sleeping sweetly, but he was suddenly called out of the bed. He opened his eyes and was shocked. The person who woke him was actually the King of Letters who took him away.

Compared with a few months ago, King Xin looked a lot more embarrassed, even with blood stains on his face, he said dumbly, “Yuan Feiyan, you idiot!”

As soon as Bai Luoluo woke up from his sleep, he immediately became sober. He stared and said, “Why are you here?”

Xin Wang said, “I don’t want to be here anymore!”

Bai Luoluo said, “You…”

Before he could speak, he was interrupted by the king of faith, who said, “If you really want to save your brother, let me come!”

Bai Luoluo said, “What do you mean?”

Xinwang coughed a few times, but he coughed up blood. He coldly said, “I mean, do you really think Mao Jiu will save your brother?”

This play made Bai Luoluo a little confused. He felt that he was vaguely aware of what, but he was not completely sure. He said, “Why should I believe you?”

Believe in the kingly way, “You don’t need to believe me. If you don’t believe me today, don’t cry and beg me tomorrow!”

Bai Luoluo thought about it carefully, and felt that Mao Jiu was suspicious, and so was the belief in the king. There seemed to be no one in this world who he could completely trust.

Seeing Bai Luoluo’s face hesitated, Wang Xin said angrily, “Is your brother not good enough for you? You don’t want to save him? Yuan Feiyan, can you really be a wolf-hearted monster!”

This is too much, Bai Luoluo glanced at his brows, and said, “You said that if I go with you, can I save my brother?”

Xin Wang said coldly, “That’s right.”

Bai Luoluo said, “You must give me some evidence to prove what you said.”

Wang Xin took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “I have invited the genius doctor, and he is waiting at the Yuhuayuan. When you go toYuhuayuan with me, you will know the truth.”

Bai Luoluo looked at King Xin’s expression and felt that he didn’t seem to be lying, so he hesitated for a while and followed King Xin out of the house.

The guards around the house fell to the ground, not knowing whether they were dead or dizzy.

When Xin Wang walked, his right foot was a little lame, and it seemed that he was injured. Before Bai Luoluo could ask what was going on, he first opened his mouth and said, “It’s not a good thing your little lover did.”

Bai Luoluo slowly said, “I think you deserve it.”

King Xin glared at Bai Luoluo, and said, “I deserved it to lead the wolf into the room. I knew it was like this at the beginning, and I wanted to rescue him desperately.”

That he obviously refers to Bai Luoluo’s emperor brother.

Bai Luoluo felt confused the more he listened. He guessed that there must be some connection between Mao Jiu and King Xin, but he really couldn’t guess what happened between the two.

King Xin was very familiar with the palace, and the roads he took Bai Luoluo on were all small roads, and he didn’t see anyone until he arrived at the Royal Garden.

The whole time, Xinwang’s face was dark, and he coughed up blood from time to time, as if he had just died.

Bai Luoluo followed Wang Xin and said lightly, “You are so worried about my emperor brother today, why did you raise troops again at that time?”

Xin Wang said coldly, “I have never been sorry for your emperor brother.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Isn’t that sorry?”

Xin Wang sneered, with some hoarseness in his voice, he said, “What do you think your emperor brother is?”

Bai Luoluo didn’t say a word.

There can never be a good person in the true sense of being an emperor. Can seize this position, then doomed to give up many other things. It’s not uncommon for brothers and sisters to break the wall in the royal family.

King Xin continued, “When fighting for the throne, you probably don’t know how your emperor responded to me.”

Bai Luoluo sighed in his heart, his emperor brother is a qualified elder brother, but he does not seem to be a qualified lover.

“Later he ascended to the throne, the first thing he did was to trap me.” King Xin said slowly, “but even if it is, I don’t hate him.”

Bai Luoluo listened quietly, but did not respond.

Wang Xin continued, “It was after he married a wife and had children, so I completely lost my mind.”

The two got closer and closer to the destination, and the king’s voice became icier and icier. He said, “He can let you let you, just because he is your brother, but me, am I not his brother? ”

Bai Luoluo heard his voice as if he was about to cry, his heart softened, and he said, “Don’t be too sad.”

The king did not speak and only took Bai Luoluo forward. He didn’t say one last word until he reached the entrance of the tunnel where Bai Luoluo’s brother’s ice coffin was placed in the Royal Garden. He said, “He wants to die? It’s so painful to have him live–”

Bai Luoluo felt that one thing was remembered, and he said, “By the way, what do you want me to do to save my emperor brother?”

Wang Xin turned his head to look at Bai Luoluo, grinning, he said, “Silly brother, you are here, of course, to save your beloved brother, he loves you so much, you must not bear him to die, right? ”

At this moment, Bai Luoluo finally guessed what Xin Wang was going to do. He told the system, “The wisdom of the working people in ancient times is really beyond our guesswork.”

The system said, “Oh, seeing you now, I thought of a book.”

Bai Luoluo said, “What book?”

The system said quietly, “The death of a small civil servant…”

Bai Luoluo, “…”


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