FPL Chapter 15

After finishing the makeup, Mao Jiu withdrew from the palace and took Bai Luoluo out.

The two walked to the entrance of the back garden, and Mao Jiu asked the guards to retreat and entered the imperial garden with Bai Luoluo alone.

Bai Luoluo’s sedan chair was placed on the ground. After confirming that there was no one around, Mao Jiu called him out. Make-up is just a last resort. If possible, Bai Luoluo had better not be seen by anyone.

Mao Jiu helped Bai Luoluo get off the sedan chair.

Bai Luoluo looked around, with more doubts in his eyes, he said, “What are you bringing me here for?”

Mao Jiu said indifferently, “Naturally because you can see your emperor brother here.”

Bai Luoluo glanced slightly at his eyebrows, but Mao Jiu no longer explained, but took Bai Luoluo into the imperial garden.

This imperial garden was built by Bai Luoluo’s generation. It covers a very large area. Even if a child like Bai Luoluo grew up in the palace, he didn’t finish every corner.

In the imperial garden, there are everything from pavilions, terraces, and small bridges to curved water. Every different place has a different style, which incorporates the styles of forest gardens from all over the country.


This scene can also be constructed under the system of centralized imperial power in ancient times, because the manpower and material resources spent are actually huge, even in modern times, I am afraid it can be called a waste of money.

Mao Jiu took Bai Luoluo for a long time in the garden.

There were no guardians in the garden all the way, but Mao Jiu had already called them back.

Bai Luoluo followed Mao Jiu, his expression faint, but he didn’t even ask.

It was not until the two of them walked in front of a rockery that Mao Jiu stopped.

After he stopped, he looked around and made sure that there was no one around, then he took out a key from his arms.

Bai Luoluo saw that he had inserted the key into a stone slab covered by moss in the rockery, and then the stone slab roared slightly, revealing a tunnel that two people could pass through.

Mao Jiu said, “Master, please.”

Bai Luoluo knew that Mao Jiu would not lie to him, so he stepped into it first.

The tunnel was dark. After Mao Jiu followed Bai Luoluo in, he closed the tunnel. He lit the oil lamp on the tunnel wall to illuminate the road.

As he walked, Mao Jiu explained to Bai Luoluo that Bai Luoluo’s emperor told him the tunnel, and there were some sinister organs in it. Even if people got the key, they might not be able to go to the end.

Bai Luoluo didn’t see what the organ was, and he was dealt with by Mao Jiu.

After the two of them walked for about a quarter of an hour, the air cooled down, and Bai Luoluo’s internal force was still sealed, making it a little cold. Mao Jiu stretched out his hand and gently grasped Bai Luoluo’s hand, and a steady stream of heat passed from his hand to Bai Luoluo’s body.

Bai Luoluo wanted to withdraw his hand, but was pinched by Mao Jiu, and said, “Master, it’s cold here. You have no internal strength, so it’s easy to catch a cold.”

Bai Luoluo thought about the same reason. If you catch a cold, you will drink a bitter Chinese medicine that will kill you. If you are caught by Mao Jiu, there will be no loss of skin, so he just let him go.

So Mao Jiu grabbed Bai Luoluo’s hand and walked slowly to the destination.

I saw where the destination was, and the light suddenly brightened. Bai Luoluo took a closer look and found that it turned out to be an ice coffin that exudes radiance.

Bai Luoluo was taken aback, then said, “Didn’t you say that my emperor brother is not dead?!”

Mao Jiu said, “Master, calm down, look carefully, your emperor brother, and breathe.”

Bai Luoluo rushed to the ice coffin and found that his emperor brother really looked like an ordinary person, with faint ups and downs on his chest, and he was obviously still alive.

Bai Luoluo widened his eyes and said, “Then…what happened to my emperor brother?”

Dao Jiu said, “I was tied into the palace by the king of faith that day. Your emperor’s brother is already suffering from a serious illness. When he is dying, after passing on the throne to me, a genius doctor suddenly appeared and said Save your emperor brother’s life…”

Bai Luoluo looked at his emperor brother, his hands trembled slightly, he said to the system, “This—”

The system said, “What is this?”

Bai Luoluo said, “This is a major breakthrough in the history of medicine!”


Bai Luoluo said, “If this medical technology is brought back to our world, how many people will it benefit?”

The system was silent for a while, and said, “You are worthy of your party membership.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Processing capital?”

The system said, “No.”

Bai Luoluo, “Oh.”

Seeing Bai Luoluo’s expression gradually calmed down, Mao Jiu said softly, “Master, don’t be too sad. The genius doctor said that weakness is to find a way to wake your emperor from his sleep.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Then what can he say?”

Mao Jiu said, “He did not specify.”

In the ice coffin, Bai Luoluo’s brother closed his eyes, like a person who had just fallen asleep, as if he would wake up with his eyes open the next moment.

Bai Luoluo rubbed the ice coffin with his fingers, and said softly, “What disease did my emperor brother have on earth?”

Mao Jiu said, “Your emperor brother has a heart disease.”

Bai Luoluo never knew that his brother had a heart problem, and Yuan Feiyan never knew that his brother had a heart problem in the original world line. Anyway, Yuan Feiyan’s memory is always that as long as something happens, he can solve it by going to his brother. No matter how difficult the matter is, his brother can always protect him.

This is a good brother, but Yuan Feiyan is not a good brother.

Bai Luoluo sighed lightly and said, “Where is the genius doctor now?”

Mao Jiu said, “The genius doctor went to find the medicinal materials to treat your emperor brother. According to him, the medicinal materials were already prepared, but the king believed in a sudden mutiny, and all the medicinal materials were accidentally lost…”

No wonder the original world emperor is fine, this butterfly effect is really terrible.

Bai Luoluo sighed slightly when he knew the cause and effect of the incident.

Mao Jiu squeezed Bai Luoluo’s hand reassuringly.

Then Mao Jiu told Bai Luoluo about some things. It turned out that the emperor had already started to prepare for the things behind him after he knew that he was suffering from a heart disease. This is also the reason why Mao Jiu was able to get started so quickly as the emperor. With the assistance of important ministers and the guidance of masters, even a useless person would not be too wrong.

Bai Luoluo was moved by what the emperor did, but he felt a little guilty because he was not the real Yuan Feiyan… not worthy of the emperor’s kindness.

Mao Jiu said, “Master, since you were taken away, I have been looking for you. It took a year before I finally got my eyes.”

Bai Luoluo looked at Mao Jiu’s pious expression, and was about to pat his head with relief, but stopped, because he found that Mao Jiu was already taller than him, and he was wearing plain clothes that can only be worn by the emperor, between his brow The gloom that belongs to the shadow guard is gone.

Bai Luoluo sighed quietly, not knowing why, but at this moment he felt a slight pain in his butt.

After watching the emperor, Mao Jiu came out again with Bai Luoluo.

He told Bai Luoluo about what happened in the year, and Bai Luoluo found that the emperor was really not good.

On the contrary, when Mao Jiu said these things, his tone and expression almost did not change. Bai Luoluo moved when he saw this, and said, “Mao Jiu, do you remember what I told you before?”

Mao Jiu asked suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Luoluo said, “The books I showed you…”

Mao Jiu said, “Naturally remember.”

Bai Luoluo said, “What do you think of those books now?”

Mao Jiu pressed his lips slightly, but stopped talking.

Bai Luoluo said, “You said, I don’t blame you.”

Mao Jiu seemed a little embarrassed, but with Bai Luoluo’s insistence, he still uttered the words and said, “Subordinates feel that those books…are really heretics.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Mao Jiu said, “My life will always be the master’s.”

Bai Luoluo knew that Mao Jiu was not joking. He had a sense of frustration that what he had done was useless. He angrily said, “Since your life is mine, why did you do such an excessive thing to me!” ”

Mao Jiu blinked and said, “Because the master said that if you want it, you must fight for it.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” He thought about it carefully and realized that this man Mao Jiu was really treacherous. He called him his master, and said that his life was his own. But deep down, he already had his own. idea.

Bai Luoluo’s ears were mostly red, and he said gruffly, “Do you know what you’re talking about! That kind of thing can only be done if you are happy, you treat me like this–”

Mao Jiu was a little aggrieved and said, “But the master obviously likes it too, he vents more often than Mao Jiu.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” It’s not that the spicy chicken system blocked his pain! ! He refused in his heart!

Mao Jiu was not enough, and continued to embarrass Bai Luoluo, saying, “The master is still holding Mao Jiu behind, humming that there is more…”

Bai Luoluo said, “Shut up!”

Daojiu Road, “Master…”

Bai Luoluo said, “I will kill you if you talk nonsense!”

Only then did Mao Jiu shut his mouth, but his expression became more and more aggrieved. Bai Luoluo thought that you were still aggrieved. It was me who should be aggrieved! My butt still hurts!

In the end, they didn’t say a word until the two returned to the palace, mainly because Mao Jiu wanted to say that Bai Luoluo ignored him coldly.

It wasn’t until the evening banquet that Bai Luoluo finally opened his mouth, because Mao Jiu refused to add pepper to his cold water noodles.

Bai Luoluo said, “I want to eat chili!”

Mao Jiu said, “Master…”

Bai Luoluo said, “You abused me!”

卯九, “…”

Bai Luoluo said, “You still call me master, you won’t even give me chili!”

Mao Jiu’s expression was rather helpless, Shan still resolutely refused to give Bai Luoluo spicy food, but promised him to have ice watermelon after dinner to cool off the heat.

Bai Luoluo told the system that this Mao Jiu was really not a good thing. He hadn’t eaten spicy food for a year. He had been hungry for three days before and he could bear it, but now he still refuses to give him peppers.

The system ended Bai Luoluo’s complaint with just one sentence. He said, “Your butt doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

The system said, “Silly boy, you can only choose one of Gang Lie and Anal Fissure…”

Bai Luoluo, “…” This system is in cahoots with Mao Jiu, right?!


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