FPL Chapter 12

Bai Luoluo wondered whether human beings have done too much to the system before, which caused the system to be so malicious towards him.

Bai Luoluo’s tears were about to come down from being bitten, and finally he finally determined the identity of the person holding him behind him.

“Mao Jiu, is that you?” Bai Luoluo’s tone was trembling when he said this. He felt that if he guessed the wrong person, he might not be able to keep the meat in his chest.

Fortunately, Bai Luoluo finally got it right this time. The black veil on his face was gently picked off by the people behind him, and a low and gentle voice came over, “Master.”

Compared with a year ago, Mao Jiu now looks like an adult.

He was even a lot taller than Bai Luoluo, and he didn’t feel a sense of contradiction when he hugged Bai Luoluo from behind.

Bai Luoluo was relieved.

Mao Jiu buried his head between Bai Luoluo’s neck and said in a very aggrieved tone. He said, “Master, I have been looking for you this year. I have been looking for you for a long time. Have you missed me?”

The tone of his words, if it were not for Bai Luoluo’s bite and still faintly aching, I am afraid that Bai Luoluo would really feel distressed for Mao Jiu, he hissed, his tone was a little vague, he said, “Of course I have thoughts. you.”

“Really.” Mao Jiu changed the conversation, and his tone became cold, “Is the master thinking about Bai Feng Qingyun, Zhu Hua and Shuiqiao?”

Bai Luoluo, “…” Brother, I was wrong.

Mao Jiu kissed Bai Luoluo’s light head again, and said, “Mao Jiu really misses Master.”

Bai Luoluo said in his heart that if my hands were not tied, I would give you a hug. This year, Mao Jiu has undergone tremendous changes. He completely faded away from the youthful appearance and became a mature man, and he didn’t have the gloom of being a shadow guard, on the contrary, he became more expensive.

If you asked others to identify Bai Luoluo and Mao Jiu, to see who is the prince, I am afraid that many people will get it wrong.

Knowing that it was Mao Jiu, Bai Luoluo felt that things were much easier, and he said, “You let me go.”

Mao Jiu heard Bai Luoluo’s words, but did not move, but slowly kissed the back of Bai Luoluo’s ear. His movements were gentle and gentle, but the kiss on Bai Luoluo’s back was cold. Bai Luoluo swallowed. Drooling, said, “Mao Jiu?”

“Master.” Mao Jiu said, “Mao Jiu doesn’t want to bear it.”

Bai Luoluo, “…(⊙v⊙) Huh?”

Mao Jiu looked at Bai Luoluo with a bewildered face and smiled slowly. He said, “The master picked Mao Jiu out of the shadow guard at the beginning. Isn’t it because of these things?” He said, and rubbed the white again. Luo Luo’s waist.

Bai Luoluo, “…” No! ! I singled you out to let you spread the fire of socialism! !

Mao Jiu’s tone is extremely sticky, soft as if it can turn into a puddle of water, and he said, “Master, you have a good rest. Leave the rest to Mao Jiu.”

Bai Luoluo thought about what was left, what was left. However, before he could say anything, he felt his body soft and fell into Mao Jiu’s arms.

This feeling is very strange. His body can’t move, but his head is sober, and he can clearly feel that Mao Jiu is helping him clean his body in detail.

If it is an ordinary cleaning, that’s it. When Mao Jiu’s fingers stretched out a part of Bai Luoluo, Bai Luoluo said in shock, “What is he going to do to me?”

The system said, “I don’t know, there is only a mosaic with no end in sight.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

He wanted to say something, the spicy chicken system hesitated deeply, and then said, “Don’t talk, feel it with your heart.”

Bai Luoluo, “I feel your second uncle.”

As an adult male, Bai Luoluo would really be a white pig if he didn’t know what Mao Jiu was going to do.

A drop of tears shed silently in his heart, mourning for his passing daisy. He finally figured it out. Mao Jiu’s intention of not giving him food and only drinking water for the past two days-this little bastard must have been prepared to do so long ago.

Mao Jiu’s movements are also very gentle, but Bai Luoluo’s heart is crying sadly. He asked the system if there is a subsidy for being hidden by the characters in the plot?

The system said, “Not punishing your salary shows that we loved you.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

After washing his body, Bai Luoluo felt Mao Jiu wrapped himself in a blanket.

Bai Luoluo originally thought that Mao Jiu would wrap up and throw it on the bed and it would be over, but what he never expected was that Mao Jiu actually put on him a new suit.

Hi serving? ! Bai Luoluo, who was dressed in bright red clothes, was shocked, but the palace people who dressed him up all looked indifferent, and were not surprised at this person who was exactly like the emperor.

Bai Luoluo could not speak or move, so he could only be put on a wig like a piece of wood and put on new clothes.

During the period, Mao Jiu visited once and saw Bai Luoluo dressed in his clothes. Mao Jiu’s eyes were full of gentle smiles. He pressed Bai Luoluo’s lips one kiss after another, his tone was even shy. , He said, “Master, Mao Jiu waited for this day. I have been waiting for a long time.”

The medicine Mao Jiu gave Bai Luoluo was too strong, and Bai Luoluo felt exhausted even blinking his eyes, so after staring at Mao Jiu for a while, he felt his eyes sore and closed slowly.

So Mao Jiu looked at his beloved master and closed his eyes expressionlessly, but there was already a drop of tears hanging from the corner of his eyes.

“So unhappy,” Mao Jiu murmured, “But master, why can everyone else do it, but I can’t.”

Bai Luoluo didn’t want to cry, but when he heard Mao Jiu’s words, sadness came from him, thinking to the big brother, because everyone else gave him a fuck, and after changing Mao Jiu, he became fucked by himself—this is okay. A shovel.

Mao Jiu didn’t know his master’s grief and helplessness at this time, and his mood sank inch by inch. He said, “But this is the end of the matter. Even if the master doesn’t want it, Mao Jiu will never let go.”

After he finished speaking, he got up and left.

Bai Luoluo looked at his back, revealing the color of unlovable life.

The new emperor’s wedding, amnesty the world, and the whole country is happy.

There was also a sound of celebration within the ruling and opposition parties. After all, when the new emperor was enthroned, courtiers asked the new emperor to accept the queen, but they were all rejected by the new emperor.

The emperor is already twenty-seven and he is out of fame. If he is just a prince, then no one will care about his heirs. But now that Lord Huahua has become the emperor, there is no question of getting married yet, but I can’t get past it.

So the courtiers tried hard for a year and finally saw the effect.

The emperor let go and said that it is okay to marry the queen, but he has the final say on who to marry.

The courtiers were also fed up with the emperor’s oil and salt. Seeing that the emperor had stepped back, they also took a step back, thinking that after marrying first, they would have children, and other things.

After the marriage, the matter is so set, the good day is already good, and the bride is left.

The emperor did not release the courtier’s pigeons, and quickly tied his own queen, fasted for three days, bathed and changed clothes, and was ready for the gift.

Bai Luoluo’s heart collapsed. He saw Mao Jiu once again before the big gift. This time he finally had some strength to speak. He said, “Mao Jiu, why are you doing this again.”

There was a little sadness in Mao Jiu’s eyes, and he said, “Master, do you really dislike Mao Jiu?”

Bai Luoluo trembled, “I only think of you…”

Mao Jiu said, “What do you think of Mao Jiu?”

Bai Luoluo didn’t dare to chide his son. He felt that if he said it, he would be bitten again.

Seeing that Bai Luoluo didn’t answer, Mao Jiu smiled calmly, and said, “I knew the master couldn’t speak.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Mao Jiu said lightly, “When the master’s hair grows out, I will return this position to the master, OK?”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Mao Jiu said in a low voice, “Just begging that time, the master will not abandon Mao Jiu.”

Bai Luoluo was very moved by what Mao Jiu said, thinking that if it weren’t for you, I would be even more moved.

Mao Jiu said, “Tomorrow will be our big day, Master, I will pick you up personally when that time comes.”

Bai Luoluo had been hungry for three days, and he was so hungry that he felt that if Mao Jiu gave him a chicken leg, he would discuss everything.

Mao Jiu looked at Bai Luoluo’s eyes still very affectionate, and then leaned in to kiss Bai Luoluo’s light head.

The next day was a clear sunny day.

The new emperor’s rejoicing should have been a grand celebration, but the emperor simplified the ceremony a lot on the grounds of frugality.

Bai Luoluo was given some medicine before the ceremony began, and his whole body became a little confused, and he could only let people help him to finish the ceremony.

Surrounded by noisy joy, Bai Luoluo said to the system, “I was worried about giving Mao Jiu a red envelope.”

The system said, “It seems that you are too worried.”

Bai Luoluo said, “I didn’t expect my first marriage to be here.”

The system said, “Why do you talk so much today.”

Bai Luoluo said in a complicated mood, “It’s probably the first time I get married and I feel very nervous.”


The system was quiet for a while and comforted, “It’s okay, there will be more in the future.”

Bai Luoluo felt that he had not been comforted at all, but his empty stomach began to ache. In fact, after Mao Jiu left yesterday, someone came to feed him some liquid food, but eating this food is equivalent to not eating, Bai Luoluo is even hungry.

After finally finishing the whole journey, Bai Luoluo with a red hijab was picked up.

The person holding him is undoubtedly Mao Jiu. Bai Luoluo leaned on Mao Jiu’s chest, feeling the heat from his skin through his clothes, and said to the system, “I remembered that I told that a few days ago A joke the lady told.”


Then Bai Luoluo let out a long sigh, and said, “Unexpectedly, my dung will be sold for two cents in the future.”

System, “…” You talk too much.


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