Chapter 8

The book is quite explicit.

What kind of love, you and me, the big man Bai Luoluo who was watching the meat show was red and he closed the book after reading it roughly.

As soon as the book closed, Bai Luoluo glanced at the author’s name on the spine of the book. It’s okay if you don’t look at it. He was angry when he saw it. He actually knew the author – that was the son Xia Baifeng who wanted to take away Mao Jiu that day.

Bai Luoluo, “…” Don’t offend cultural people.

Seeing that Bai Luoluo’s expression was so bad, Mao Jiu asked, “Master, what’s wrong with this book?”

Bai Luoluo glanced at Mao Jiu and thought that there was nothing wrong with it, it was just that you were fucked by me inside. But he still didn’t try to stimulate his lovely Mao Jiu, just shook his head and said indifferently, then he took the words into his arms.

Seeing that Bai Luoluo didn’t want to say anything, Mao Jiu didn’t want to ask more, but the voice of the storyteller in the restaurant lobby became louder and louder, making Bai Luoluo’s face never cool down.

Fortunately, Xiao Er delivered the wine and food in time, which eased the embarrassment a little.

The wine is good, and the food tastes good, but Bai Luoluo was eating, but his mind was full of the pictures he had just seen in the book, and finally, he didn’t even dare to look at Mao Jiu.

Mao Jiu looked at her master’s white jade-like face with a crimson color, and she didn’t know whether it was because of the shame of reading the script or simply because of her inability to drink.

After drinking the hot wine, Bai Luoluo untied his cloak, and squinted his eyes to listen to the storyteller downstairs with his chin on his hand.

The storyteller just said that in order to save the servant, the nobleman rushed to the execution ground and desperately rescued the servant from the guillotine. The audience shouted, and some people gave the storyteller as a reward.

Bai Luoluo thought that if this were when I was young, I would definitely go up to this person with a brick move…

After listening to a play in the restaurant, he was full of anger. Bai Luoluo drank half a pot of wine angrily and even more angrily said that he wanted to go back.

Mao Jiu stood up and said in a low voice, “It’s cold outside, let the master put on your coat.”

Bai Luoluo said, “I have great righteousness, and I am afraid of the cold?!”

Mao Jiu, “…”

So Bai Luoluo was hot-headed for a while, and strongly rejected Mao Jiu’s suggestion, insisting on using the awe-inspiring righteousness to keep out the cold, and when he walked to the gate of the palace without a coat, he was already a dog. The worst thing was that he sniffed. , I found that even the tip of my nose was frozen.

When the housekeeper came out, he saw Bai Luoluo curled up, shrugged, walking beside Mao Jiu, trembling with cold, almost didn’t realize who was the guard or the prince.

“My lord.” The butler looked distressed, and hurriedly pulled Bai Luoluo into the room and said, “Where’s the coat? Why did you come back after wearing it like this?”

Bai Luoluo shivered and said that he was not cold.

The steward suspected that his prince’s brain was frozen, so he turned his head and reprimanded him, saying how he could let the prince make a fool of himself.

Mao Jiu lowered his head and was being trained, and did not refute anything.

Bai Luoluo said, “It’s none of his business, it’s me.”

The steward said, “Master, on such a cold day, be careful not to get sick!”

As he said, he hurriedly asked someone to prepare the stove and ginger soup, and then put Bai Luo Luo in the bed.

He drank the ginger soup and went into the bed. The Jiu Jin that had been frozen just now came up again, and Bai Luoluo fell asleep in a daze.

When the housekeeper saw this, he glanced at Mao Jiu, and sighed, “You can wait for the prince to change his clothes, remember not to freeze, it’s going to be the Chinese New Year, and it’s terribly sick.”

Mao Jiu nodded.

The butler looked at Mao Jiu and Bai Luoluo with complicated eyes as if wondering what charm this Mao Jiu had that caused his prince to suddenly change his temper.

After the housekeeper went out, Mao Jiu bowed his head and changed Bai Luoluo’s clothes.

However, as soon as the clothes he was wearing were taken off, Mao Jiu saw Bai Luoluo’s textbook stuffed in his shirt. He hesitated for a while before putting the textbook next to the bed.

He took off Bai Luoluo’s clothes moistened with snow, changed into warmer pajamas, and wrapped him tightly with a quilt, and finally heated up the stove in the house.

Bai Luoluo, who had done all this, was idle. He sat in the middle of the room, looking at the orange-colored room illuminated by the fire. He slowly got up and walked to Bai Luoluo’s side, bent down, and held the words in his hands.

The script is not thick, but the content is very rich. Mao Jiu actually read a lot of scripts in Bai Luoluo’s study, but this one is different from other scripts.

This story is about the story of two men falling in love.

One master and one servant, the plot is wonderful, and the content is fragrant. After reading through it quickly, Mao Jiu almost remembered the content of the script.

After reading the storybook, Mao Jiu looked at Bai Luoluo, and there seemed to be something else. He hesitated for a moment, but still took the words into his arms…

Bai Luoluo felt uncomfortable at this time. When he woke up, his nose was blocked and his throat hurt. The whole person seemed to be packed in a huge plastic bag, and even the world was blurred.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, how do I see things are blurred?” Bai Luoluo cried to the system.

The system checked it, and then coldly spit out a sentence, “It’s muddy.”

Bai Luoluo, “Oh, that’s it.”


Bai Luoluo stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, and made a dying cry.

Mao Jiu just came in from outside with a pot of hot water in his hand. Seeing Bai Luoluo wake up, he called out, “Master.”

Bai Luoluo said dumbly, “I’m so uncomfortable.”

This voice resembles that of a male duck. People who don’t know might think that Bai Luoluo called all night yesterday.

Mao Jiu hurried over, touched Bai Luoluo’s forehead, and said, “No fever, I’ll call the doctor. Master, put on your clothes first.”

Bai Luo Luoyu put on Mao Jiu and dressed him, his expression was very dull throughout the whole process, if he had some saliva on the corner of his mouth, he would be a standard mentally retarded child.

Mao Jiu dressed Bai Luoluo and ran out in a hurry, leading the doctor over.

This doctor was the imperial doctor bestowed by the emperor to Bai Luoluo. He was treated to Bai Luoluo since he was a child, and he was regarded as one of Bai Luoluo’s elders. On weekdays, Bai Luoluo respected him.

The doctor saw that Bai Luoluo was a little seriously ill, and frowned, “How did you catch a cold?”

Mao Jiu said, “I went shopping with the prince yesterday, and when he came back, the prince was frozen without his coat.”

The doctor said, “Isn’t this nonsense? It’s such a cold day, without clothes?”

Mao Jiu didn’t say a word.

However, the doctor also knew that his prince was self-willed and that outsiders could not interrupt the decision, so he sighed, “Should I persuade or persuade, this is all about the Chinese New Year, and I suddenly caught the wind and cold…”

Mao Jiu nodded and said yes.

Bai Luoluo fully understands what it means to be motivated, pretending to be struck by lightning. His socialist awe-inspiring righteousness is useless in the cold wind. Should you catch a cold or have a cold, should you drink medicine or drink medicine.

The worst thing is that ancient times were not like modern times. If you caught a severe cold, just a single shot was enough. In ancient times, wind and cold were not a minor illness. If you can’t get pneumonia, you might die.

Bai Luoluo was lifted from the bed by Mao Jiu like a noodle, and then a bowl of black and bitter medicine was placed in front of him.

Mao Jiu said, “The prince has taken medicine.”

Bai Luoluo did not speak, closed his eyes, and pretended to be asleep.

Mao Jiu said, “Master, take medicine.”

Bai Luoluo continued to pretend to sleep.

Mao Jiu was silent for a moment, and then said quietly, “Master, Haoran can’t cure the disease with righteousness.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” Okay, please don’t say anything, can’t I drink it.

Forced by Mao Jiu to open his eyes, Bai Luoluo showed a shit-like expression after drinking this painful Chinese medicine. He said, “Why is this medicine so bitter?”

There was a smile in Mao Jiu’s eyes, and he said, “The emperor learned about your illness and asked the doctor to add a lot of yellow lotus to the medicine…”

Bai Luoluo, “…” My brother loves me again.

Mao Jiu said again, “I also said that since you like to drink medicine, you just drink enough…”

Bai Luoluo’s tears finally fell. He did not expect that when he was most vulnerable when he was sick, his beloved Jiujiu and his beloved brother would actually come up and step on a few feet.

After drinking the medicine for a few days, the Bai Luoluo I drank was a little unconscious, and when I saw Mao Jiu, I felt bitter at the root of my tongue.

During the period, the butler came and asked the tailor to measure Bai Luoluo, saying that the emperor had given him a lot of things, and there were some good materials in it, and he planned to make some clothes for Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo said, “Also make some sets for Mao Jiu.”

The housekeeper was not surprised when he heard this and nodded obediently.

If the prince wants to pet people, it is definitely to pet people to heaven. The housekeeper still remembers that his prince once fell in love with an alien dancer. When the two were deeply affectionate, the prince spent a lot of money and even bought the most luxurious theater in the city for her pleasure. The dancer is not big or small to the prince, but the prince never seems to take this in his heart. At that time, everyone thought that the prince was trapped, and thought that the dancer here might become the princess in the palace in the future-even the dancer herself thought so.

However, in matters of love, the scholar’s delay can still be taken away.

When the prince’s enthusiasm faded, his unfeeling also made people chilling.

After the feelings faded, he sold the dancing girl without hesitation, even if she cried and begged in front of him, she was not moved at all.

The dancing girl cried and asked him if he liked her before. The prince nodded and said seriously, “I like it.”

“What about now, what about now, don’t you like me now?” The dancing girl cried desperately.

The prince clicked on the desktop with his finger, then smiled, and said, “When I like you, I really like it, I don’t like it, and I really don’t like it anymore.”

How unfeeling, the dancing girl looked dead at the time.

When dealing with these matters, the housekeeper was also present. Although he sympathized with this woman, he would not do anything for him. Because this kind of thing has not happened for the first time.

The prince is affectionate and affectionate. His reputation is well known in the world, but there are still idiots and women who are willing to fly moths to the fire, thinking that he can recall the sincerity of the prodigal son.

But no one knows whether the prince is sincere.

For this reason, even though the prince was so gentle with Mao Jiu, no one else took this matter to heart-who knows how long the prince has been hot?

Mao Jiu is just a shadow guard and a man. With Yuan Feiyan’s temperament, I am afraid it will never be possible to spoil him for too long. At that time, everyone around Bai Luoluo thought this way, so no one thought of what happened after that.

Bai Luoluo had been ill for a full half month of this disease, and he didn’t see any improvement until the New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Day, a grand banquet was held in the palace, singing, dancing, ice frolicking, acrobatics and opera, and all kinds of wonderful programs were presented in the most perfect posture before the Lord.

Bai Luoluo wrapped himself up like a ball and sat drinking among a bunch of people.

The royal banquet was not as good as he had imagined. The food had to wait for the emperor to move first, and the weather was cold, and the food was almost cold when it came.

Bai Luoluo had a bad appetite when he was ill, and now he loses his appetite. Fortunately, he performed well on the show. He was drinking a little wine while watching the show.

I have to say that this ancient beauty has ancient charm, so it looks quite flavorful.

The Queen Mother was sitting next to the emperor, but he seemed to be in a bad mood. After enjoying the things, he didn’t say much, but he was drinking like Bai Luoluo.

After the show, there is a firework show.

The fireworks in this world are very beautiful, with big flowers exploding in the night sky, making the atmosphere extra lively.
Bai Luoluo stood not far from the emperor and looked at the night sky above his head with a smile in his eyes.

“Like it?” The emperor’s voice sounded beside Bai Luoluo.

“I like it.” Bai Luoluo said.

The emperor coughed a few times, stretched out his hand and patted Bai Luoluo’s shoulder, and said, “You are not young anymore, it’s time to take care of things.”

Bai Luoluo smiled and nodded.

The emperor said, “Well, I heard recently that the stories of you and your guards are spreading across the rivers and lakes?”

The smile on Bai Luoluo’s face froze.

The emperor said, “Already watched?”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Seeing the expression on Bai Luoluo’s face, the emperor almost guessed the matter seven or eight points, and nodded, “The writing is good, very interesting.”

Bai Luoluo was speechless. He held back for a long time before he said, “Brother Emperor, I don’t mean that to him.”

The emperor heard the words, “I don’t have that thought for him? Then tell me, what are you doing with him by your side?”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Seeing that Bai Luoluo couldn’t answer, the emperor sighed again and said, “You still don’t grow up.”

Bai Luoluo felt like being a son and being trained by his father.

Another firework exploded in the sky, and neither the emperor nor Bai Luoluo spoke.

In the evening after New Year’s Eve, there was another light snowfall. It was early in the morning when Bai Luoluo returned to the house. He sat in the carriage and coughed into the house quietly.

The stove in the room was still burning, Bai Luoluo pushed in and saw Mao Jiu sitting at the table reading.

Bai Luoluo said, “You haven’t slept so late?”

Mao Jiu hummed softly and said, “Master, happy new year.”

Bai Luoluo looked at Mao Jiu’s illegible face under the firelight, his heart moved slightly, and smiled, “Happy New Year.”

Although there is no expression on Mao Jiu’s face, anyone can see the pleasant taste in his soft eyes. He walked over, stretched out his hand, and slowly brushed off the thin snow on Bai Luoluo’s shoulder, and said:” Go to bed early.”

Bai Luoluo grabbed Mao Jiu’s hand.

Mao Jiu was slightly taken aback.

Bai Luoluo felt his hand soaked in the ice, and it didn’t look like he had been warming up in the house. He hesitated and said, “Mao Jiu…your hand”

Mao Jiu smiled, “Master, don’t worry, it’s just that my body is cold.”

Bai Luoluo didn’t think much when he heard the words, muttered a few words, and went to wash and sleep.

The New Year in ancient times is very particular, and what to do in the first, second, and third days of the middle school is well arranged. Although Bai Luoluo had a bad cold, he had to follow the rules. So before dawn, he was picked up by the butler from the bed, dressed and stuffed into the carriage.

On the first day of the lunar new year, he paid special attention to food and clothes. Bai Luoluo followed the rules. He was supposed to be waiting in the hall with everyone, but he heard the emperor tell him to go and rest.

Others were surprised when they heard the emperor’s order, but the emperor said indifferently, “You are sick, don’t exhaust your body, go back to your house and rest soon.”

Although everyone knows that the emperor spoiled his younger brother, it has never been so obvious as today.

Bai Luoluo was also a little flattered, and declined a few words, seeing the emperor’s resolute attitude, he went back obediently.

He sat on the carriage and asked the system why the emperor suddenly treated him so well.

The system said, “Maybe it’s too cold to freeze your brain.”

Bai Luoluo, “…”

Bai Luoluo found that this system is becoming more and more blocking people, and basically two sentences can block him speechless. He thought for a while and thought that the next world should be another system…

Bai Luoluo didn’t think much about it when he returned to the mansion in the carriage, but when he returned to the mansion, he just picked up a cup of hot tea when he heard the butler’s face pale and hurriedly said, “Master, the big business is not good! ”

Bai Luoluo panicked when he saw his housekeeper for the first time, and said in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

The butler knelt down and said in a trembled voice, “Xin Wang-mutiny!”

“What?!” Bai Luoluo’s teacup fell directly to the ground, his eyes staring, unbelievable, “What did you say?”

“The King of Letters has changed!” The butler was covered in cold sweat, he said, “Now he has surrounded the palace with soldiers!”

Bai Luoluo said, “Where is Yu Linwei?!”

Butler said, “I don’t know…”

This plot never appeared in the original world line. In the original world line, the king of letters was banned, and when he was thirty years old, he was cut off his head by the present sage.

Now that Wang Xin is exactly twenty-nine, there are still a few days before he was beheaded, but Bai Luoluo really couldn’t understand why he suddenly mutiny.

As soon as the housekeeper reported the news to Bai Luoluo, there was a noise at the door.

Bai Luoluo got up and walked over, but saw a face that he had met several times-this person is a sect under King Xin, and it stands to reason that King Xin was detained, and all the people should be deported. Today he appeared with soldiers Here, it is confirmed that the butler’s words are true.

“His Royal Highness Su.” The man saluted Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo frowned and looked at him, “What do you mean?”

The man smiled and said, “Today, the king’s city will be more chaotic. My master is afraid that someone will hurt King Su, so he sent a subordinate to protect His Royal Highness.”

Speaking of protection, everyone knows what to do.

Bai Luoluo looked at him, the expression on his face chilled.

The man didn’t care, just waved his hand, and the guards with him behind him blocked the water surrounding Bai Luoluo’s palace.

Bai Luoluo looked at him coldly, the man didn’t mind, smiled and turned around and went out.

Bai Luoluo looked at his back, feeling very bad.

As soon as the doorman left, Bai Luoluo asked the system what was going on.

The system said, “Be reasonable, I don’t know.”

Bai Luoluo said, “I don’t think you are reasonable at all…”

The system said, “Look, you do everything, I don’t know anything, you still ask me.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Then what use do I want you?”

The system said, “I can chat with you!”

Bai Luoluo said, “I can still chat with Mao Jiu!”

The system said, “But he dare not scold you.”

Bai Luoluo, “…” What you said is too reasonable, I don’t know how to respond.

Bai Luoluo was silent for a while and found that he had been misled by the system again. However, when he did pre-travel training at the agency and bureau, the instructor did talk about this issue. The general idea of ​​the instructor is that the world line of each world may change due to the actions of the traverser. Some changes are good, and some are bad. Don’t worry about these changes. Face them carefully. You will find that you have a 10% chance of surviving.

Bai Luoluo asked the instructor after listening to the class, saying that there was only a 10% chance of surviving, what about the remaining 90%?

His tutor’s eyes were kind, and he answered his question in a gentle voice, “Silly boy, of course, the remaining 90% died strangely.”

Bai Luoluo was shocked by the adjective strange shape, thinking that he had a hallucination before hearing the content, but when he reacted, his mentor had drifted away.

Thinking about it now, his mentor really didn’t scare him.

Bai Luoluo thought about his last world, and felt that the job was quite simple. He didn’t expect such a huge change in the second world.

Bai Luoluo felt depressed for a while, and then asked the system with a flash of inspiration. He said, “I was burned to death to subsidize the three-day holiday. What if I beheaded?”

The system said, “Two days.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Drink…?”

The system said, “Two days.”

Bai Luoluo said, “Hang yourself?”

The system said, “Two days.”

Bai Luoluo said, “1000 cuts?”

The system said, “This is too miserable, four days.”

After asking a few questions, Bai Luoluo’s face became paler and paler, and he discovered one thing… It seems that every method of death he said was prepared by the system. Does this mean that someone has died like this before?

The system seems to have noticed the change in Bai Luoluo’s mentality, and gently gave a few comforting words, saying that he could go with peace of mind, he would block the pain.

Bai Luoluo, “…” After he returns, should he think about how to transfer back to the Social Security Bureau.


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